Mizkif Jenna’s name is being searched a lot by tons of people. Do you know why? Jenna “Meowri” has been the one, who is responsible for the seven days of bans on twitch streamers Mizkif and Esfand. Jenna has made a controversial statement in a recent stram which has gone viral.

Her statement has gone viral now, that is why netizens are showing interest to know more details.  She has stated that “Everything I’ve contacted my lawyer is about me being unprofessional, like just being drunk on camera,” Meowri said on Wednesday’s Livestream. “I just don’t want that.”

Who is Mizkif Jenna?

As far as we know, on the 30th of April Esfand made a post along with the lengthy statement on Twitter.  In the statement, it was said that he and his friend, whose name is Mizkif has got banned for the incident between PAX East and Meowri. Let’s find out who is Mizkif Jenna.

She is professionally a twitch star, streamer, and cosplay star, as per the Esfand, she has performed as Mizkif as her bitch. In the stream she was doing like looking at his face and telling him to call her dad, it was fake behavior.

After a month of private conversation, their lawyer of Meowri has contacted twitch, which made her ban or suspended from the twitch for seven days. For any full-time streamer a ban can a major issue, it can stop the income of the streamer.

As per the further statement of the Meowri is claiming that she did not get her lawyer to file a sexual harassment lawsuit on twitch. The clip has been removed from the platforms, there are many other streamers who did not like her explanation thy are bent on reacting to the news. After that, both of them Mizkif and Esfand have come together on the live stream to welcome all the fans and stream community.

It was their luck that they did not lose any brand deal and sponsorship. Raw footage of the event between both of them can be seen on the web. Now both of online stars have been eye-catching and they are being paid lots of attention.

Netizens are showing interest get into the matter, for further updates stay connected with us we will be right back with another post of viral news on Deathmilitia.com.

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