Recently there’s shocking moskva sinking video has come out on the internet from the Battleground of Ukraine and Russia. As you know the fight has been going on for a long time and many people are showing interest to know more updates from Russia and Ukraine and then what’s happening between the countries. There are lots of news channels that are covering this news and day by day we are getting a new updates.

moskva sinking video

From the source, we have got the video, where a Russian warship can be seen sinking in the Black Sea. Many people are finding the link to the video and share the video on the internet and other platforms.

They are sharing this video and looking for the link, the video can be seen easily on YouTube Twitter other platforms. The warship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet which is a guided missile Cruiser now has become an important target of Ukrainian defense in the opening days of the war.

It has been seen on Thursday after it was heavily damaged in the latest setback. The war is going on and Russia is destroying it day by day as Ukraine is pretty damaged. Some of the areas have been occupied by the Russian military and the still war is going on. It has been more than a month and the wall is going on non-stop.

Many people are going for justice they are posting their opinions. Other countries have imposed many restrictions and economic sensations but still, it is going on. Many countries are supporting Ukraine and praying for the Ukraine people many of them lost their lives jobs home and more.

It is a hard time for all of them, they need our support and they are looking for more safety. The video is getting viral of sinking the missile cruiser Moskva, as per Russia’s state agency TASS. It has said on the late Thursday while citing a statement from the Russian Defence Ministry.

The warship was damaged in the earlier days the Russian Defence Ministry said the Moskva was Still At sea. After that, the ministry stated that the Crew was evacuated to other Black Sea Fleet ships in the area.

The warship was caused by Neptune, which is a Ukraine domestic weapon based on the Soviet KH-35 Cruise missile. For the latest updates, keep visiting this post, we will be right back with the new post on the same site.

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