Everyone must be well aware of the current situation of Ukraine. As of now hundreds of people have lost their lives in the tragic war happening between two countries. The lost lives included innocent citizens who have nothing to do with the war. At this time a heartbreaking video clip is making buzz on social media platforms. The viral clip is uploaded by notjustinw Twitter. In the leaked video a 14- years old girl, unfortunately, passed away while she was traveling on the road via her bicycle. The footage of the scene got captured in the nearby camera. We will share further details about the incident later in this blog. So make sure you keep reading. 

Who is notjustinw on twitter?

notjustinw is Twitter handle trending after it uploads some disturbing situation of the Ukrain where innocent little girl lost her life. The tragic video is getting viral and circulated all over the world. It is already watched thousands of times. People are reacting to the video and criticizing the Ukrainian government for failing to save citizen life. The question here arises that when there is a war on the board why a little girl riding on her bicycle on the roads.  As per the sources, the video got captured on the CCTV camera.


The incident occurred when a missile hit the spot where she was riding. She tries to crawl a little bit but sadly could not stand and gave up the struggle. Later she died on the spot because of serious injuries. The horrific incident broke the hearts of millions of people who have already watched it. Many share heartfelt condolences with the family members for irrecoverable loss. 


Girl riding bike ukraine 

Although the girl’s identity is not revealed some of the rumors claim her to be 14 years old. As per the reports, the accident occurred at 7 a.m. on February 24. She was riding on her bicycle. While a heavy missile hit the spot. The whole incident got shot by the camera installed nearby. As of now, no more casualties have been noticed near the area.

Not Justin Video

One wrote criticizing the Russian president ” Not long after this a kindergarten class was hit by a missile. Putin keeps saying that he’s doing this for peace for Russia but this is a slaughter of Ukrainian people

The disturbing short clip is an example of how war cannot be justifiable. The innocent girl who lost her life can’t be recovered. Now everyone is wondering who is responsible for the incident. But with this, we can’t change the fact that a precious life was snatched brutally. 


notjustinw twitter Viral Video

Our team extends the deepest condolence to her family members. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings. One wrote “After scrolling through my tweet feed for an hour, I saw a vid of a Ukrainian girl riding her bike and got killed by Russian bombs. The fact that she didn’t die right away, she even tried to crawl but she gave up.”


Shaina Marie said mourning the news “A 14-year-old girl was riding her bike in Ukraine when she was hit by a missile, and the tragic part is that she attempted to get up.

She was only 14 years old at the time. She had a future in front of her. I can only imagine how terrified she was when she tried to stand up but couldn’t. She was my age, a teenager, and she didn’t deserve it, especially when she tried to back her bike up”

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