These days social media platforms are flooded with viral and leaked videos. Every day on the internet there is someone getting popularity through these leaked videos. Once again a new clip titled Dubai video is trending on the internet. In the video, a girl name Porta or known as Potty can be seen doing something inappropriate in front of the camera.

The video is everywhere on networking sites.  The viral clip is on Reddit, Twitter as well as Facebook. We will share more about the same later in this blog. So keep reading till the end to not miss a single piece of information. 

porta potty dubai

Dubai video trending

A new video with the title Portia Party Dubai video is circulating for the past couple of hours. The video was confirmed by a social media influencer her name is Porta. She came to Dubai with her friends to enjoy the party. The leaked video of her contains inappropriate content which we can’t share on the platform. The girl wanted so much wealth like her other friends. She revealed that she came to Dubai at the complete expense of her friend. 

porta potty dubai video

In the leaked video of Portia Party Dubai, the woman’s details remain undisclosed at the moment. We cannot share many details about the girl’s personal life. She was just trending following her leaked video. It is clear that whatever she has done is for the money. 

She has gone too far as to complete her job possibly in exchange for money. We are trying hard to garner further information as there are lots of questions with limited details available.

We will keep you updated with further news so kindly follow our website to not miss updates. 

twitter video link

The Dubai porta potty stories are all over the internet. The leaked video has already crossed thousands of views. And hundreds of reactions from social media users. There are lots of criticizing messages condemning the girl for her narrow-minded thoughts. One shared a thought after watching the same advising others abstain from watching the video “Might as well be a cat because my curiosity is going to kill me. Whatever you do, pls don’t look up Dubai Porta Potty. Seeing that video was a traumatic experience.”

Another said “I watched the Dubai porta potty video because I was curious but now I know why they said curiosity killed the cat”

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