A popular Florida-based rapper named Spinabenz is recently comes into the social media trend when his Death news start becoming viral. People were talking about that he was shot dead in his hometown. What is the reality? is Spinabenz dead or alive? we will learn all about him in the article.

Who is Spinabenz?

Spinabenz is popular as an eminent American hip-hop musical artist and an aspiring influencer. He gets fame from his Viral Tiktok song Who I Smoke. He also has a YouTube channel from his own name where you can found his numerous songs and album. You can also found him on Deezer, and Soundcloud. His Instagram account has more than 244k followers at this moment.

His Death Rumors were hugely spreading on social media. People who were believing in this news were shocked and upset.  Let’s know more about Spinabenz Death below.


Spinabenz Death

On September 29, 2021, a rumor claiming Rapper Spinabenz is shot and killed in his hometown is flooding on the web. But any official news related to Spinabenz Death is not yet revealed. Many popular YouTubers were also made a fake video on his Death. A popular Youtuber Big Squidd – SDG also made a video on Spinabenz’s fake death. All these videos were making the fan believing that Spinabenz is dead.

Many Netizens were also revealing that Spinabenz is shot dead. Any official statement is not yet received and we should wait for the confirmation.

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Spinabenz Shot Dead

Popular Rapper Spinabenz Death news is another trending topic on the internet. Thousands of people were sharing this Death news and asking for details about him. As any official confirmation is not yet come in front of the public but still people are believing that Spinabenz is shot dead in his hometown.

One Twitter User Wrote:

“Spinabenz post his location & got shot & hit his men killed. Why y’all think ppl playing with y’all ?”


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Another Wrote:

Rumor has it (1200) Spinabenz was killed. Tho the rumor has been debunked by his brother it seems they did lose a member.



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