If you are eager to know all about the currently viral Julien Hommen Twitter Video then, In this article, we are going to talk about Julie Hommen who trending on social media after his Twitter video gets viral. The video is already viewed more than 228k at the time of writing this article. He is very active on Twitter. Within a short period with the help of controversial content, he gained mass popularity. So if you want to know more about his personal life then keep following the article. 

Who is Julie Hommen?

According to his Twitter bio, he is 26 years old Franche-Comte.  He was trending after his Twitter video leaked on the internet and circulated all over the social media platforms. He joined Twitter on January 2022. And within a month, he gained overwhelmed popularity with his content. In his recent controversial post on Twitter, he asked his followers to vote for or towards Islam. In his post, he wrote that show with your vote that France does not need Islam. Further in his post, he wrote the condition that if the vote goes to Islam then he would tear his ball aside. In a short span, the vote came into the support of Islam. 

Julien Hommen Twitter

Julien is a France-based young guy who is making news headlines after his controversial tweet. He is quite active on the same. A total of 598 people follows him at the time of writing this article. There are in total  707 tweets from his side. In his Twitter bio section, he wrote “26 years old, Franche-Comte. For an FN-Reconquest merger. For a return of the Hommen in this society which is devirilizing. Too macho/straight/outspoken for wokes.

He made a tweet asking his follower to vote for or against Islam on 25 January 2022.

Here are his exact words”Poll, for or against Islam?
If the majority votes for I swear to tear my balls apart on video Saturday night. I refuse to have kids in an Islamic world. Don’t want to impose a shitty life on them. Please vote seriously let’s prove that France does not want Islam!”

 Julien Hommen Leaked Viral Video

According to his post, he received so many threat messages from Twitter users following his disputed pole for or against Islam. The very next day he wrote “Threats in my emails now? Seriously, this story of polling and demolition of balls is going too far, in fact Pouting against Patriots, I really need your votes, see you on my pinned tweet, otherwise, I won’t have a choice.”


The result of the pole came in the favor of sharia. And following the pole, a video published on Julien Hommen Twitter related to the same. And shortly after Julien Hommen uploaded it, the video went viral and catch internet netizens’ attention. He wrote in the tweet “Well, I’m hallucinating in front of the results of my survey. 88% of the population does not say no to Sharia. 88% of the population wants to see my balls crushed. Even my ex came across my tweet and is fed up. Where are we going? Why are right-wing polls a hit except for mine?”


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