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In the video, we are going to talk about Thevaultuncut Island Boys Video whose video is getting viral on the internet. People are sharing and liking the Florida boy’s unique rap style. The freestyle rap “Island Boy” by the twin brother named Flyysoulja And Kodiyakredd has stolen everyone’s attention. The style of the twin brothers is funny as well as strange. Keep reading to learn more about them and the new rap song. 

Thevaultuncut Twitter

The duo is very popular on social media. You can find them on Twitter Thevaultuncut Twitter. On Twitter, They usually share Adults and 18+ Images. Flyysoulja on Instagram has more than 200k followers as he revealed once. They also have a youtube channel where they upload their rap, vlogs, and movies scenes. Their youtube channel has now more than 20k subscribers.  The possible reason behind their immense popularity can be attributed to their style.

They both came up with a new concept that attracts people. Their social media followers wait for their amazing rap songs. This time too with the advent of Island Boys, both Florida rappers got huge fan support. 

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Who are Florida Twin Brothers?

Florida twin brothers are social media influencers and rappers. They sang unique freestyle rap and entertain their huge fan following on the internet. Their outlooks are also very gaudy with large tattoos,  lengthy dreadlocks, etc are the things which make them different from other freestyle rappers. Their new song “Island Boy” released in October gets viral shortly. 

Twin brothers name Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd are around 20 years old. Both were famous for their stage name. But if you ask about their real name then Alex Venegas and Franky Venegas are the names they were born with. At this small age, both have achieved so much in their life.

They have a youtube channel as well and uploads vlogs on the same.

Not much about their personal life is available to us at the moment. They have kept their private life secret from the public. You will not find any LinkedIn or Wikipedia profile page related to the twin rappers. We will keep you updated with the latest facts and information further on the topic. 


Island Boy Viral Song 

The twin brother released the hit freestyle rap Island boy in the month of October. Kodiyakredd uploads the same on their TikTok video. Shortly after the upload, it got viral on the short video sharing platform. And within a week got more than five million views and thousands of likes. Their notable songs ‘Smoke’ and ‘9ine’ are the best hit songs in 2020 from which made their own identity. 

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