Remote work has not only. transformed the nature of online workspaces. But it has affected the way companies formulate business strategies. Over the past decade, remote work was slowly gaining momentum. However, one of the main factors that acted in favor of this mode of earning was the COVID19 pandemic.


Some enterprises had to go entirely remote whereas others had to adopt a hybrid model. Due to this transition, there have been multiple developments in technology. This includes tools and softwares that simplify certain aspects of remote working.


As more and more companies are shifting to remote work. Thus, they are also focusing on the online talents around the world to expand their businesses.Hence, the tools & techniques are playing the main role in many aspects. 


Productivity management of remote workers, online communication, talent acquisition, hiring software engineers online are also becoming popular. So the work culture changed and affected everyone. In this article, we shall talk about 5 technologies that are how they are transforming the way we work.

Productivity tools

With assistance from AI, it has become easier for work-from-home employees to keep a check on their productivity levels. When pressure from the office increases, maintaining efficiency can become an issue. 


There are a multitude of tools that can be utilized to retain consistency. These programs are integrated with AI which helps to monitor patterns of activity. Examples include Amy, Edison assistant as well as


The functions of these tools range from storing meeting history to setting up reminders and keeping contacts in one place etc. It shows how technological advancements can create a sense of organization.


Sometimes, a newcomer may struggle in the workplace. Through the usage of online tools, such issues can also be addressed. There are applications as well as programs that are designed to ease the learning process. 


During the stage of business growth, founders had to worry about investing cash in training new individuals. This aspect also included new purchasing equipment, expanding office space, etc. With productivity tools and remote employment, all these cost concerns are significantly reduced. 


5 G

We are well-versed with the terms 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G has the same way of functioning but it offers a higher speed. The speed is estimated to be a hundred times faster than 4G. 


This gives it the capacity to support more devices at a time. In addition, using 5G results in a greater download speed. Hence, it will prove to be much more beneficial for homes and businesses when compared with the older versions. 


When it comes to emerging technologies, it is predicted to be one of the most advantageous forms. In terms of distributed working, it provides an improved level of stability. Automatically, it becomes easier to use the internet and access all kinds of platforms with less disturbance.


Cloud storage

A great specimen of future technology – cloud storage serves as an alternative to storing files on hard drives or networks. The provider is responsible for maintaining the server.  Plus, it is much more secure when compared with other channels of data storage. 


It is a cost-effective solution so the company leader does not have to worry about spending on networks and their maintenance. It can be accessed from anywhere which is especially useful for remote work.


Moreover, it is operated with an API ( application programming interface) that is based on the web. Another interesting fact is that multiple users can work on the same file. As a result, there is no disruption when it comes to project progress.


Mobile applications

Mobiles have become an integral part of our daily routines. Especially for businesses, they can facilitate communication, checking updates, tracking records, etc. Remote employees work from geographical locations across the globe. This makes them heavily dependent on their mobiles and laptops. 


Plus, the use of VPNs is becoming more common so that employees can have a secure way to communicate. It might not be a surprise to note that the demand for mobile application developers is soaring in the world of tech. 


According to, the annual rate of download for mobile applications has increased by 45% since 2017. Every business aims to create its own personalized applications. From retail to medicine and education, tech experts are working hard.


There are online job boards such as Gaper that support a community of the best software engineers from around the world. A large chunk of this is made by mobile application developers.


Video calling

Communication is a necessity when we are talking about creating a healthy work environment. Without the right kind of communication, projects can become hindered as the team struggles to stay connected. 


With tools such as Google meet, Zoom, Cisco, etc., it is ensured that the team members can stay in touch with each other. No matter what the location of a person is, they can convey any message to a colleague. 


It promotes discussion and sharing of ideas which can lead to a positive impact on project outcome. Video conferencing can be used for formal meetings, training sessions, and one-on-one discussions. At the same time, it can be utilized for employee entertainment, casual talks, etc. 


The importance of technology in our lives can not be ignored. As it advances, companies continue to mold themselves according to the changes that are taking place. 


Even for educational institutions, it has become essential to include technology in the classroom. The number of technology jobs in the market is also increasing. Due to this, the youth is becoming more interested in the relationship between science and technology. 

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