Popular Indian Television kids show MOTU PATLU is recently in the news headlines after the rumors of the cartoon character is gay surfaced on the internet. The rumors is gaining so much attention these days. Everywhere on the internet people are talking about them and sharing their reactions. If you are also wondering about the recent trend then make sure you continue reading this article.


MOTU PATLU was a famous kid show used to available on Nickelodeon India. The cartoon was written by Niraj Vikram and was launched on television in 2012. The popular kid show was produced by Cosmos-Maya Studios and Viacom18. The show is based on the life of two friends well known as Motu and Patlu. Both are good friends living in the place name  Furfuri Nagar. The cartoon show get so much attention since its first launch. Most of the Indian kids who love watching cartoons love the show so much. 


There are rumors circulating around all over the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit which claim that the characters of the show Motu and Patlu are gay. The same got circulated like a wildfire. People who love watching the show seem to be surprised by the recent trend.

Motu Patlu Best Friend

There are more than a hundred reactions and messages all over Twitter and Facebook sharing their view on the new trend which is all about whether Motu Patlu is homosexual or not. The questions about their character were raised after some of their episodes. If you watched the show then you must be aware that both are very good friends and live life together.

The IMBD also included the show as one of the first gay characters ever introduced in the Indian cartoon. You can see them by searching for them on google. Anna wrote reacting to the same “Man people get so weird about Motu Patlu the CARTOONS being allegedly gay. Why do you have to stop now? Even if you’re homophobic why stop watching it’s not like they’re affectionate or kissing on the screen you couldn’t tell the difference till yesterday.”

Another commented on Twitter reacting to the trend “Soooo. Motu Patlu were a gay couple living together and that ‘don’ was homophobic who always tried to separate them and didn’t mind his own business.”

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