Mr and Mrs Mahi Box Office

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor have a great chemistry in Mr. And Mrs. Mahi, but it all goes downhill after their initial scenes together because of bad writing. Mahendra (played by Rao), who calls himself a “hopeless loser,” proposes to Mahima (Kapoor), a qualified doctor, only because he is honest about himself — even though they hardly know each other beyond surface level stuff like names and professions or whatever else might be considered basics for dating these days.

Mr and Mrs Mahi Box Office

In what could easily be one of the most powerful scenes in this film, Zarina Wahab plays Rajkummar Rao’s mother who talks about how addictive fame can become and why people are always chasing something that makes them unhappy; she throws light on various issues such as self-obsession through social media platforms like Instagram reels where husbands want credit for their wives success

Mr and Mrs Mahi Total Collection

The movie made Rs 6.75 crore on its first day collections at box office while showing drop of 31% on next day i.e., second Saturday with earnings of around Rs 4.6 crore nett approx, followed by Sunday which saw jump of 19% earning close to Rs 5.5 crores nett approx which takes the total for four days to approximately Rs 16.85 crore net from India circuit only.

Mahendra(played by Rajkumar Rao) is not just any ordinary man but has many insecurities as cricketer – brother – husband; As an entrepreneur he failed due to resentment towards father because failures were outcome when desire for respect and recognition turned him into deceitful yet unapologetic person so much relatable than being virtuous hero always seen in movies

Janhvi Kapoor’s character Mrs. Mahi shines in cricket scenes but falls flat when it comes to emotional depth; She looks like a copy paste version of her previous characters from “Dhadak” and “Bawaal”, however there are instances where she reminds us about Sridevi with beauty being only skin deep

Kumud Mishra as Mahendra’s father was good portrayl, could have been given more personality though. Zarina Wahab’s performance stood out among other supporting actors, while Purnendu Bhattacharya and Yamini Das (as Janhvi’s on-screen parents) left strong impact in their respective roles. But overall these aspects were not explored enough by the filmmaker which would’ve added layers to storytelling.

After making such an impressive debut with ‘Gunjan Saxena’, it is disheartening to see Sharan Sharma fall short of expectations this time around as director because even though there were certain moments where emotions weren’t connected properly due to disjointedness or lack thereof between two different cuts/scenes etc., still one can never deny talent behind camera work

It tries too hard for dark undertones without doing justice towards them – especially during cricket matches where everything seems fake; Also songs do little contribute much into narrative either way

Though having an interesting story and some good acting, the drama of Sharan Sharma doesn’t seem to be finished and satisfying. The first half of the movie is slow as it shows a youth couple opting for their parents’ dreams rather than their love for cricket. Rajkummar’s Mahendra has enough moments to vent his anger while Janhvi’s Mahima comically conceals her ambitions till the end when there is a sudden turn of events. “Mr and Mrs Mahi” could have been great but it doesn’t manage to tell an engaging tale that would leave viewers asking for another hour or so.

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