Recently Dr. Phil. Steven talks about the cause of the death of a 3-month-old boy named Lucas. there are some major revelations in the context made public by the doctor during the show hosted by the death of the toddler Phil McGraw. We will share more everything he shares about the incident and possibly the reason behind the toddler’s heartbreaking demise. 

Baby Lucas

Steven and his girlfriend Elke were blessed with their first baby in 2020. Everything was normal like any other kid until the day when he started behaving lifelessly. At the time he was around  3 months old. And later on, when Elke and Steven took the baby for a checkup.

Later on, the baby died following the three days of medical com. There are so many theories and rumors circulated around related to the cause of death. But the exact reason remains unidentified to the date. The thing which cost the life of lovely 3-month-old Lucas can’t be confirmed with certainty.

The sudden demise of the loving toddler broke the hearts of thousands of individuals when the news came out in the public domain. Many shares heartfelt condolence with the family members too. 

Baby Lucas death

The death of the baby Lucas was caused by his nonactivity of the brain for a long time. Although the exact reason behind the same remains undisclosed at the moment. Ava Urhahn said “As Dr. Phil catches her inconsistencies you can see the father’s shoulders slump ever so slightly. He knows that she did it, even if he hasn’t admitted it to himself yet. So sad! Some people should not be parents, and generally, teenagers should not be parents. RIP Lucas.”

There are some rumors claiming subdural hematoma, which is per the shaken youngster syndrome is the possible reason behind the death. But again due to a lack of sources, we can’t corroborate much in this regard. 

“The night your baby died would be printed on your memory forever. Every step you took you would recount over and over. It happened when my kids are ever sick… I think about every place we went, everything they touched, ate. That mom is so detached and so unemotional. She has a weird look the entire time and nearly smiles talking about the steps leading up to find her baby dead.”

Who killed baby Lucas update 2022

The mystery behind Who killed baby Lucas? remain intact with no stringent updates. We will keep you updated with the latest news and event so make sure you follow Our One reacted to Dr. Phil.’s interview with the couple, “She visits her mother and leaves Lucas behind – on Mother’s Day? She could easily have hurt Lucas herself immediately before leaving him, to drop her partner in it and give herself an alibi. This is on top of all the other red flags.”

Another said “Someone should look into her mental status before putting that man in jail. She looks so detached. I know people grieve differently but she comes across as completely emotionless. Also, I found it interesting that when Dr. Phil asked if there was anything else Steven was honest about not knowing anything else just that he was innocent. However, she who is thought to be innocent made up some”

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