Ade Armando is another name that is trending on Twitter, netizens are bent on searching about this account on Twitter. As they are looking for more info, we will let you know more info related to this Twitter account, it is an eye-catching topic on Twitter Indonesia.  On April 11, tons of people are showing interest to grab more details. It is all about the demonstrators who have demonstrated against the disclosure of the President for three terms which took place in the front of the DPR Building, Jakarta, on Monday (11/4).

Who is Ade Armando Twitter?

As far as we know some of the leaked videos and photos of the Ade Armando are spreading on the internet. Netizens are seeking the Ade Armando viral photos and videos, that is why Ade is hitting the headline, these photos of Ade Armando’s beatings are being shared on social media. As of now, there have been 24.4 thousand netizens’ tweets related to Ade Armando.

Before the incident had taken place the lecturer of Communication Studies at the University of Indonesia (UI). He has made his appearance in the front of the DPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta,  he was in the support of one of the student’s demands. After that Ade admitted that he has not participated in the demonstration, he was simply monitoring the course of the student demonstration and a number of other elements.

Ade Armando Twitter Video

After that, he has become the target of a mob rampage.  The fight occurred when all the demonstrators suspected of being infiltered and dressed in STM had got into chaos. Some have recorded the fight and uploaded it on the internet. within a short time, the footage has gone viral on the internet, there are tons of users who are reacting over this, and they look into the matter.

Police are investigating the matter, as Ade is being beaten and stripped naked, it went viral and on the different social media platforms, it is spreading, as far as we know the trousers are missing, and there was blood on the Ade’s face. By profession, Ade is a lecturer at the Commutation Department of FISIP UI, he is also recognized as a Jokowi supporter who is active on social media. He has been hospitalized in the hospital and is being treated, may he get well soon, for more viral updates keep visiting this site we will be right back with the new update.

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