After a recent show of popular Heavyweight podcast hosted by Jonathan Goldstein named Barbara Shutt people started searching more about Barbara. The podcast has already made 41 successful shows and won the heart of listeners with amazing entertaining content. Keep reading to discover everything about the female whose story was covered in the recent podcast.

Who is Barbara Shutt?

Barbara Shutt was the wife of Charles Shutt and Jonathan Goldstein‘s mother-in-law, Becky’s friend. She was The story ways back to the past in 1968. When Becky met her in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was a beautiful young woman around 21 years old at that time. They worked together but never exchanged numbers or personal details with each other.

Beth Beverly wrote “Fine @heavyweight you finally got me to get a Spotify account THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE HAS ME FULLY TWISTED!!!! Curious to know how many new accounts pop up just from this Barbara Shutt cliffhanger. Well done.”

And now after 50 years, when Jonathan’s mother-in-law searched about her on google, she found Barbara Shutt died many years before. Apart from this Becky get to know that her friend was killed. 


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Story Covered In Heavyweight podcast 

Barbara Shutt died on October 16, 2012, at that time she was 67. according to the sources she went to  Berea College in Berea Ky and completed her studies. Later she worked at Nationwide Insurance for some years. From Barbara Wilson obituary details, it is clear that she was born on September 15, 1945. Her mother’s name was Edna Wilson Bunch. Besides her family includes brother Earl Wilson and sister Corine Wilson Byrd. 

“The latest episodes (it’s a two-parter, the second of which must be listened to on Spotify) of @J_Goldstein ’s @heavyweight is a work of art. Tremendous storytelling leaves you with a gaping hole of curiosity.”

The podcast received a very good response from its daily users. Many thanked him for the amazing story and explained the beautiful manner that brought life to it. “Jonathan Goldstein’s @heavyweight has long been one of my favorite podcasts. This is its best episode yet: a compelling two-part mystery story tracing the complex legacies of childhood trauma. It’s upsetting – heartbreaking, even – but so beautifully told.”


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