Recently social media popular social media star Aly McDaniel’s nephew Beau Burns was in the news headlines after he was confirmed as in the critical condition following the accident. The accident happened with Aly McDaniel in the car his sister’s son Beau was also present. The accident was so serious that leads to a series of injuries. In this blog, we have tried to solve your quires regarding the present status of Beau Burns after the incident. 

What happened to Beau Burns?

Beau Burns is 2 years old nephew of popular social media influencer Aly McDaniel. He was the son of Jenny who is his sister o Aly. Beau was trending on social media after the rumors of his critical condition broke out on the Internet. There are several reports that confirmed his deteriorating health condition.

Although there was no official proof or base behind these rumors. Family members have still maintained their silence over the recent accident. They have not given any update on it so far.

Beau Burns Car Accident

Who is Beau Burns?

People on social media are really tense with the situation. Many wrote the kinds words for the family members in the difficult situation to feel their ease. Lagarius Rashard Criss wrote “Please say a prayer for my friend Robert Burns and his family as their son Beau is with the Lord now. I understand your pain and I am here for you whenever you need me, Bob.”


“While we are devastated at the loss of our son, we find strength in knowing Beau’s organ donations will provide the miracle of life for families who have been praying for their children to receive such a rare call. We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support, we will be updating everyone on his memorial soon,” said Jim Steinmark. 

Beau Burns Health Status 

Following the incident of Aly McDaniel accident, there is a tense situation on social media. People here and there ask about their health status of Beau. For your kind information, three is no trusted lead from which we can verify the same. After the accident happened, Beau Burns was taken to the hospital immediately.

At the time there are leads that confirm that Beau is now in stable condition. Deborah Smith Burns wrote “

From my daughter-in-law Jenny Beaudine Burns and my son Robert Burns
Thank you so much for your loving prayers and support for our family!
On Wednesday, June 15 around 6:30 pm our son Beau, fell into our pool. Rob performed CPR until Mckinney PD and FD arrived on the scene. Beau was then transported to the Medical Center of McKinney. Once stabilized, he was helicoptered to Children’s Dallas, where we have been for the last week.
These last 7 days have been the hardest days of our lives, but your prayers for a miracle gave us the strength to carry on. Although yesterday’s and today’s test did not result in a miracle for Beau, many miracles happened this week.”

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