A person goes with the name Brayden Rowley has become a center of attraction following the rumors of his relationship with the Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul came out. The news came out after the Tiktoker revealed her divorce on her Instagram handle. In this blog, we will learn more about Brayden Rowley. We will also discuss the utah momtok drama which is creating a buzz in the internet world. 

During this time, Taylor Frankie Paul has been very active on social media, uploading photos of herself and her children. She has also confirmed that she is a single parent after her divorce from Tate Paul. According to Reddit users, the actress cheated on Tate Paul and is now living with Brayden Rowley. However, it’s too early to tell if Rowley is dating Taylor Frankie Paul, but if he is dating her, she will make sure her ex isn’t reading it.

Brayden Rowley

Who is Brayden Rowley?

Many people have wondered if Brayden Rowley, a Utah native, is dating Taylor Frankie Paul. The latter is married to Tate Paul but rumors have been swirling that she is having an affair with Rowley. While the actress has not addressed the rumors, she can be found on TikTok under the handle @taylorfrankiepaul. Apart from this, you can also find her on Instagram where 180k people follows her.


No doubt the surprising news came out as astonishing news for her thousands of followers. This article will provide a brief introduction to Rowley’s love life. 

In the meantime, Rowley has received media consideration. Although there is not much information on Rowley on the internet, his recent divorce from Amber Paul caught fans’ attention. Information related to his personal life remains undisclosed at this moment. He does not have an Instagram account. I have not been revealed to the public. 


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What is Taylor Frankie Paul Drama?

The Taylor Frankie separation and subsequent single status were revealed via TikTok. Some fans speculated that Paul had cheated on her husband or was simply being detached. There have been no official comments from her side in this matter, but her life is still in the spotlight.

Taylor Frankie Paul has been linked to Brayden Rowley since his marriage ended as confirmed by some reports on the internet. Paul and Rowley were linked through TikTok after the actress shared clips about her divorce. While it’s unclear whether Rowley’s affair with Paul is real or fake, internet netizens are finding it worth a try to find out.

utah momtok drama reddit

As the actress is a huge star on TikTok, news catches fire quickly following it broke out. Kat Dunn said “(morman mom tok drama continued) y’all this Taylor Frankie paul girl is SO WEIRD she back on life but this time with her little kid and she’s like “they’re asking where your dad is”

Taylor Frankie Paul Drama is causing a lot of discussion on Twitter. Brayden Rowley and Taylor Frankie Paul’s relationship have also been the topic of much media attention in recent months. Neither has revealed how they met, so far. There are lots of details that are yet to be made public by her. We will continue to inform you about this context in the future. 


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