The shocking news of bungee jumper, Yecenia Morales’s death due to a communication blunder got viral on social media. Yecenia Morales was preparing for her first bungee jump with her boyfriend. Sources also confirmed that her cause of death was not hitting the ground from the height instead it was a heart attack due to which she lost her last breath. When she was falling down from the height, got a sudden heart attack and died even before hitting the ground said the experts. The death video of Yecenia Morales got so much attention worldwide.

In the article, we will discuss Yecenia Morales Wiki, Death Cause, Death Video, Boyfriend, and other interesting facts.

Bungee Jumper Yecenia Morales

Yecenia Morales Death

The bungee jumper, Yecenia Morales’s death is shocking and tragic.  Firstly it was assumed that she was died due to following the wrong signal from the communication team. But later it was disclosed by the experts that her cause of death was a heart attack. Yecenia got a heart attack while she was falling towards the ground.  After the accident took place, her boyfriend reached the ground and found her lifeless.

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After the accident video got viral on social media peoples share their tributes.

KristenEmily wrote: “OMG poor girl “Yecenia Morales, 25, was waiting for her chance to leap from a viaduct. She misheard the instructor who had told her boyfriend to jump and stepped off the platform before her bungee cord was attached and plummeted 150 feet.”!!!! RIP”

Here is a Twitter user showed the video of the tragic accident:

Here is video of the incident took place at the site:

Yecenia Morales Video

When the incident took place mostly the assumptions about Yecenia Morales Death cause were tragically hitting the ground. But later after the investigation by the expert, it was found that she has already died before touching the ground. And the cause of death of the bungee jumper was a heart attack.

Moises Lopez wrote on Twitter: “A young Colombian dies after jumping into the void by mistake in ‘bungee jumping’, Yecenia Morales assisted with her boyfriend to do bungee jumping, a jump into the void with harnesses subject to safety devices but died when jumping into the void after confusing the instructions”
Here is the tweet:

Yecenia Morales Wiki

Yecenia full name was Yecenia Morales Gomez. She was around 25 years old and belongs to Colombia. Her personal information like family, date of birth, qualification, bungee jumping career are not available in public domain at the press time. We will update it as soon as we get any important leads from our sources. She was in the media limelight because of her heartbreaking end. She got a deadly heart attack while she was about to hit the ground.


Information about Yecenia’s boyfriend is not available to us at the time. More information is coming soon.


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