The saddest news of diligent American nurse Ebiowei Porbeni died on 22 July 2021. The information about the departure of a famous nurse got so many reactions worldwide.  He was a success in his field and got so much love from the general public. He achieved the milestone of millions of followers on his social media pages.

Ebi was also the creator of the popular NurseLifeRN. From all over the world people belong to the nursing community sharing their tributes and mourning the incident. We also shared our deepest tribute with the family of Ebiowei. According to the sources, he was under the treatment of leukemia ( cancer) from October. But after a long treatment, he succumbed to the disease and we lost one of the most loving nurses in the world. 

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In this post you will get your answers related to the queries how did Ebi die? Ebi death Cause, Wiki, Age, Ebiowei died of Leukaemia and more interesting facts. 

NurseLifeRN Ebi Nurse Death

Ebiowei Porbeni Death

Ebi’s death is the most shocking news of the day from which the social media user came across recently. Ebi was an experienced American nurse who had been working in the field for around seven years. The primary reason for his death is said to be Leukaemia. In the month of October 2020, the founder of NurseLifeRN disclosed that he was under the treatment of Leukaemia. There are so many good wishes and sympathy which he collected from all around the world at the time. His fight with cancer lasts for months. And on 22 July 2021, he folds down his knee in front of the disease.

Jackie reacted to Ebi’s death and wrote on Twitter: “This incredible nurse @ebi_eats passed away from cancer. He ran the Insta page @nurselifern. He brought happiness to SO many. He was a beacon of light. I often have looked to his humor to destress during nursing school. The nursing community will never be the same without you.”
NurseLifeRN Ebi Nurse Death

No doubt his life matter to many for all the benevolent work he has done for society. There are so many beautiful messages on social media that will touch your heart. 

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Here we have mentioned some of the tweets:

Sarah, RN wrote on Twitter: “For profit healthcare took a light from this world. A nurse whose posts on social media reached hundreds of thousands & got so many of us through the most difficult parts of this pandemic. I am crushed at this loss. We have to make this all different, for Ebi”

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