After a few days, rumors began to circulate that the alleged killer of Jahmar D’angelo is none other than Bustagang Macbrother’s brother. The rapper shared a live video of the tragic incident, and it stunned many. In the video, Bustagang screamed and explained what happened. Police are investigating the case, but have not ruled out the possibility of the rapper’s involvement.

Bustagang MacBrother Suicide Video Facebook live

It was discovered that Bustagang Mcbrother recorded the suicide attempt on a live video season on Facebook, in which he can be heard pronouncing the name of Jahmar. He claimed that Jahmar had posted a status on Facebook before he took his life. The video has since been deleted, and Bustagang has not revealed the name of his partner. However, Bustagang did say that Jahmar was killed by an unknown assailant.

Bustagang MacBrother Video

The rapper’s real name is Marques, and he is the father of two children, Jahmar and Marques. He is an alumnus of Harvard University and works at True Religion Brand Jeans. He has not revealed his relationship with his partner or affiliate but has shared a Facebook live video with his partners. This was also the first time he’d publicly addressed his relation to Jahmar D’Angelo.

Who is Busta gang MacBrother?

During the release of this video, Bustagang Mcbrother’s brother took his own life. Police are investigating every aspect of the case, but have not given any evidence to support their suspicions. It is unclear whether a crime was committed, but the video is a tragic reminder for fans of Bustagang. In this video, the rapper shares the story of his brother’s suicide in a subtle way.

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