Candace Hiltz mother got murdered in 2006 and her daughter Paige Hiltz also died. Candace Hiltz murder case Explained. 

Candace Hiltz was a young mother who got murdered back in 2006. Although her justice is not yet served to her. Now her name again comes in the circulation of Social media. This is still a mystery who killed Candace Hiltz. People were curious to know more about  Candace Hiltz and her daughter. According to the news, Candace Hiltz’s daughter Paige Hiltz also died on Thanksgiving, on November 22, 2021, at the age of 7 years.  We will learn more about the young mother murder case & about her daughter in the article later.

candace-hiltz murder case

Who is Candace Hiltz?

Candace Hiltz was a young mother who got brutally murdered back in some couple of years ago. Recently Oxygen True Crime series will be share Candace Hiltz’s story through her mother. Candace Hiltz’s killer is not yet arrested. Recency her murder case found some hope but the killer was still unidentified. 

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Candace Hiltz Murder Case

Candace Hiltz was a beautiful woman and a brilliant student too. She wants to be a Supreme Court Justice. Even She was also accepted in Standford Law School. No doubt that all these dreams were crushed at her home. She was shot multiple times with three different guns, wrapped in a green comforter, and shoved beneath a bed when her mother found her dead body. 

The incident took place in 2006, but the murderer is still not found. In 2018, Robert Dodd was convicted for abuse of public records and served 18 months of jail and a $5,000 fine. But he was not found the killer of Candace Hiltz.

Candace Hiltz Daughter Paige Hiltz

Candace Hiltz has a young daughter at the time of his death. According to the sources, Her infant daughter was left behind after the death. She was born with an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Candace’s mother care for Paige Hiltz. Although Paige Hiltz is also could survive for a long, she died on Thanksgiving, on November 22, 2021, at the age of seven. Sources revealed that Paige’s cause of death was Her cause of death was the result of her severe illness since her childhood. Candace’s mother is still hoping for the justice of her daughter. 


She firmly believes that the officers who were part of the investigation team had something to do with the murder. She says that the investigators missed many pieces of evidence and intentionally tried to erase them. 

we pray that Candace Hiltz’s case will be solved soon and her mother got justice. We also pray for the peace of Candace and her daughter’s soul. RIP Angels. 


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