Recently Social media sites are replete with the death rumors of an excellent speaker, Influencer, radio, TV personality, and The Miracle Center (TMC) founder Dr . Siva Moodley. The news of his death has shattered down thousands of hearts and leave-behinds a depressing environment all around.  So far there is no authentic information that came from the source. All the rumors related to the death spreading on Twitter, Facebook is hoaxes. We request you not to share the messages without checking the authenticity of the news. Because without checking these rumors’ sources you are becoming a part of this false chain.

Keep reading to clear all your doubts related to Siva Moodley Death, Pastor died, Did Siva Moodley’s die, biography, Age, Net worth, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Dr Siva Moodley


Who is Dr Siva Moodley?

In this article you will get to know about the question Did Siva Moodley die? After the information of Siva Moodley’s sudden passing spreads on social media so many people’s heartbeats start running fast. Even so many shares mourning and RIP messages without checking the originality of the post. Our sources did not confirm anything like this so far. We can believe he is alive and healthy until unless any authentic source updates. At this moment we advise you not to pass on the death information to anyone. If we received any updates from our sources, then we will post these on our website.

Lyndie Trehair McCauley wrote on Facebook: “I just heard that one of my MOST precious friends Dr. Siva has graduated to Heaven yesterday. My heart is deeply saddened by this news and he will be sorely missed. I absolutely love Dr. Siva, he has been so very kind to me for many years!! A POWERFUL man of God who went after miracles like few that I know. Ps. Jesse, David and Kathryn… my heart goes out to you at this time… I love you all so very much!! You in my prayers… ❤️🙏🏻❤️ DrSiva Moodley The Miracle Centre”

In response to the above post, one wrote in the comment section: “To avoid things like this we should always wait for an official statement from the ministry or family. And until now the ministry or the family has not released a public statement.”

“Really Shocked at the Passing into Glory of one of the most anointed Pastors, Dr Siva Moodley . Friends for 21years. He together with Pastor Jesse, used to be our monthly speakers at our churches, in Megson Manor, Lenasia South, and Lenasia Ext.11B then Called Resurrected Life Ministries some years Before they began Logos Prophetic Centre. We used to pray with them on Friday nights in their home in Randburg. There were always outpourings and manifestations.”

“Read Isaiah chapter 57v1&2. 1)The righteous perish and no one takes it to heart, the devout are taken away & no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. 2 Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. My deepest condolences to the immediate family of Dr Siva Moodley, a man of God who was so suddenly called. Rip dear man of God 🙏” said someone on social media.

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Pastor Siva Moodley Biography

Siva Moodley is an international speaker, radio, and TV personality. He is still well remembered for his international show You Miracle Moment. He is well experienced and dextrous in his work. He has 25 years of ministering experience. Also, he is the founder of The Miracle center church. Siva Moodley married Apostle Jessie. He is survived by his two son, one is Pastor David and another one is Kathryn Jade.

Net worth

Sources confirm Siva Moodley’s total net worth evaluation cross the mark of $5 million of dollars. he achieved this milestone with his hard work and consistency. On social media, he has a good influencing power.

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