A Well known Television celebrity named Chienna Filomeno is again caught under the vision of netizens on the internet. Even we can consider that almost every social media platform is completely filled with News and Viral CCTV video of the Zeus And Chienna Scandal. There are tons of users who are interested to know more details about this.

That is why they are bent on searching this online,  user are searching her on the web so that they can find her viral clip, the CCTV footage went viral within a short time after it was posted on the internet. Netizens are sharing it online and they are circulating the viral clip online, As we can see the reaction of the people.


As per the exclusive report, the Kapamilya star, whose name is Chienna Filomeno, has been threatened by a certain “lgbtquuu to post a scandalous video of her tagged member named Zeus. Later the crypto name revealed on Instagram wild allegations against the Kapamilya, she has seen that what happened with Zeus in the ABSCBN  parking lot. After that Kita called ABSCBN to CCTV,  the CCTV footage is getting viral and it is getting the attention of tons of users. Chienna was so quick to deny the allegation from her bashers.

Some of them do not know who is Chienna Filomeno, then we want to tell all of them that she is professionally a model, and actress who is being followed by millions of users. Her fan following is effecting after this incident some are following and some are unfollowing.  On her official Instagram account, she has more than 2 million followers, she posts her latest pics with her fans such as her upcoming projects and videos. She loves racing, she is recognized for her roles in the movies, as she has played tons of roles in the movies.

CHIENNA FILOMENO Wikipedia, Biography

CHIENNA FILOMENA leaked CCTV footage has brought her into the limelight. In her career she has worked with a number of stars, many of her fans are shocked and they want to get more about the footage. You may find her viral footage on the web mainly on Twitter, netizens are visiting her social media handles so that they can watch it. So far we have not found the footage but as soon as we come to know we will update the post till then stay tuned with us we will be right back with a new post on the same site.

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