Chinedu Nwadike’s health is alleged to have deteriorated.

Chinedu Nwadike is said to have died at Abuja National Hospital an hour ago. He was preparing to fly to India for blood cancer therapy, but sources said he couldn’t wait until he could get the proper treatment.

Many people immediately mourn his passing on social media, while others wait for the formal announcement.

How Is Chinedu Nwadike Health Condition?

How Is Chinedu Nwadike Health Condition?

Chinedu Nwadike’s health was said to have deteriorated. Many people have shared a photo of him lying in a hospital bed with various medical equipment attached to his body.

Some reports recently said that he died of blood cancer just a few hours ago in Abuja. He was on his way to India for more advanced treatment, but lost the battle.

He revealed a few weeks ago that he had been suffering from kidney problems for quite some time. He had enlisted the help of others to finance the cost of his treatment. Some even claimed that he had almost completely recovered from his kidney failure.

However, he was suffering from leukemia, which unexpectedly worsened his condition, and some assume that he is dead. Despite this, the official statement has not yet been made public.

What Is Chinedu Nwadike Illness?

Chinedu Nwadike was said to be suffering from kidney failure. The popular gospel artist, according to Standard Observers, has been suffering from kidney disease for several months.

At Abuja’s Zenith Renal and Medical Center, the 38-year-old singer was being treated for kidney problems and internal bleeding. She appealed to Nigerians to help him treat her ailment.

E-Money had given her 250,000 naira, which she used after arriving in Abuja. But treating him wasn’t enough, so she turned to others for help.

It was stated that she was about to recover from her illness when she was taken back to the hospital.

Is Chinedu Nwadike Dead Due to Kidney Failure?

Chinedu Nwadike is said to have died of kidney failure. But first and foremost, genuine sources have yet to corroborate the news of the death.

On the other hand, netizens speculated that he died of blood cancer after recovering from kidney failure.

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