Chris Coutroulis, Vanessa Carreira’s husband was passed away due to health problems and covid-19. Obituary Chris Coutroulis Death. 

Famous TV presenter and former Miss South Africa Vanessa Carreira’s husband Chris Coutroulis has recently come into the Social media’s spotlight because of his sudden Death news. The internet is hit hard by the news of Chris Coutroulis death and hundreds of fans and followers were posted tributes for him. Chris was a great husband and supportive family man. His sudden demise news brokes the heart of many. We will learn more about him in the article.

Chris Coutroulis

Who is Chris Coutroulis?

Chris Coutroulis was a part of the Taboo Group SA, which coordinated and orchestrated multiple events in the country. He also owned different nightclubs throughout the country. He is famous for being the husband of Miss South Africa and popular TV presenter Vanessa Carreira. Chris is suffering from many health problems which leads to his death.

Recently Chris is been trending and viral on Social media for his Death news. According to the sources, Chris Coutroulis suffered from degrading health conditions after suffering from COVID-19. Hence he passed away from the disease. His family is not yet posted anything about Chris but our team is continuously following them on Social media and we will let you update if we get anything. Chris Left behind his beautiful and happy family heartbroken. People were praying for the peace of his soul.

One Twitter Friend of Chris Wrote:

24y old me once asked; why you let me into your clubs for free if I never spend mad amounts of money and you said: “a great establishment is not only about the big spenders, but about the type of people that go to it, and you Lebo are a cool guy.” RIP KING Chris Coutroulis


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As a nightclub owner, he was busy and lived an active life. Nevertheless, he was also known to be kind and helpful to almost everyone he met. Because of his kind nature, he gains a lot of respect from the netizens. RIP Chris Coutroulis.

One Twitter User Wrote:

“Rest In Peace Chris Coutroulis. You were always so kind and generous with your time & your energy. You always had a compliment for me when we saw each other. A legend in my opinion. Owner of Taboo & so many other business ventures. My respect & admiration for you endures”

Chris Coutroulis Death

Vanessa Carreira’s husband, Chris Coutroulis died on November 30, 2021. Sources revealed his Cause of death was COVID-19. The couple live a happy and luxurious life in their place. Vanessa is a model who has worked as a TV presenter for a long time and Chris was the owner of a nightclub. The couple is blessed with triplets in 2013, including two daughters, Sophia and Mila, and a son Nikola. All of them are eight years of age now. They previously had a son named Leo.


The parents actively worked towards keeping their children away from the spotlight. But they could be seen spending holidays and family dinners together on multiple occasions. They were spending a beautiful and comfortable life together but now the family is heartbroken. 


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