Young 23 years old Football Player Riuler De Oliveira Faustino died of a heart attack. Fans mourn Ruler Faustino Death. 

A tragic incident related to a Bellmare affiliated player Riuler De Oliveira Faustino is going viral on Social media. According to the news, Riuler De Oliveira Faustino died on November 24, 2021. His team has confirmed his Death news on Wednesday, last week. However, the team has not revealed the Cause of death but his autopsy report provided a little knowledge that the death cause was in fact a heart attack. We will learn more about the player’s death in the article later.

Ruler Faustino

Who is Riuler De Oliveira Faustino?

Riuler De Oliveira Faustino also known as Ruler Faustino was a young 23 years old Bellmare affiliated player who was reported dead on November 24, 2021. Thousands of people paid him tribute and honor. The sudden Death of a young player broke the heart of the entire family. And this is even more shocking that Riuler De Oliveira Faustino has died of a heart attack. Riuler moved to Japan back in 2019 with a motive to garnish his playing career. He was first transferred to FC Miyazaki, a Japanese Kyushu League-oriented top team.

One Twiter User Wrote:

Former Japan Rugby international Hiroki Yuhara dies at 36. ..he collapsed while working out in the team’s clubhouse J. League club Shonan Bellmare on Wednesday announced the death of Brazilian midfielder Riuler de Oliveira Faustino at age 23.

One Famous Twitter Personality wrote:

Japan League first-division club Shonan Bellmare on Wednesday announced the death of Brazilian midfielder Riuler de Oliveira Faustino at age 23. The former Brazil youth international’s cause of death has not been revealed, pending an autopsy.


Riuler migration led him to change his initially mundane identity and then start afresh life, anew. He was nicknamed Verokronos Tsuno and then got transferred to another top-flight team Shonan Bellmare. Not some months into regular action was he sent on a long spell to FC Osaka. FC Osaka was a fourth-tier team of the Japanese league and Oliviera knew his career will only do a downward spiral if he stayed in the loan spell.

Later in 2021, he got a bold move back to Shonan Bellmare and started playing as a defensive midfielder. Known for his trite positioning attribute and his ball possession style playing, Riuler was soon a fan favorite name.

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Ruler Faustino Death

After a long autopsy and postmortem report analysis, Ruler Faustino’s cause of death is now in front of everyone. This is a little shocking that a young Football player died due to a heart attack. Ruler death report arrived on Monday, November 29, 2021. According to the reports, The young player was traversed by a lethal heart stroke which he couldn’t survive and the initial discomfort around his heart region was so quick that he couldn’t retaliate properly. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

What was the Ruler Faustino Cause of death?

Our Famous football player ruler has died of a heart attack which he cannot sustain hence left this world. Hundreds of his followers and supporters were heartbroken by losing a rising football star. Ruler has his own Wikipedia page where you can know more about his personal life and all. But it looks like his Wikipedia page is not completed yet. as very little information is available right now.

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