Christelle Gambela: A leaked s@x video of the popular gospel star Christelle Gambela is making noise on the internet recently. The viral video Christelle has reached the social media platforms recently and circulated to all other platforms. The video is already seen thousands of times and got a lot of comments from people. Some are criticizing her for making these kinds of videos and uploading them on the public platform. Internet netizens are curious to know more about the woman who is trending like a fire. 

Who is Christelle Gambela?

Christelle Gambela is a social media star and is well known in the gospel community. She has mass followers on social media handles. Although she is quite popular on the internet she never revealed her personal life in public. She has kept details of her life like age, Wikipedia, net worth, etc.

Christelle is recently in the news headlines after her leaked video went viral somehow. The NSFW video of the Gambela is circulating like a wildfire on the internet. People are talking about her and making comments.

You can find hundreds of reaction messages on the viral video recently. Many youtube channels also talked about the same giving further fuel to the reaction.  

Christelle Gambela Video Twitter

No one actually the known the intention of Christelle behind making the s@x scandal video of herself. And making the same public is the other surprising thing that surely creates a lot of trouble for her.

Her followers are really taken aback by the recent photos and videos. She has never revealed her intentions something like this before in the public. There are some rumors which claim that she did this to get attention.

Christelle Gambela

Even some rumors went to confirm that she is entering into the subscription-based NSFW video sharing platform Onlyfan. But we can’t confirm these rumors due to the absence of any authentic base behind the same. And without any authentic lead behind it would be too early to jump to any conclusion.

In one of her recently published videos, Christelle Gambela apologizes for the s@x scandal. She ask for pardon from all those social media users who watched it and felt inappropriate. One reacted to the video “I don’t know you either and I’ve never listened to your songs, thank you for your courage, we accept your forgiveness with strength, get up and walk. No one is fair you did your part. God bless you”

Alain St Pierre Mwamba updated on Facebook “Contrary to the rumor going around, prophetess and Gospel singer Christelle Gambela did not commit suicide. She reassures her fans” hello to all the people who love and support me know that I’m fine I’m not and can never kill myself because of her nonsense. God bless you.”

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