This is truly unbelievable and heartbroken that Recently our Team got the news of Comedian Phil Butler Death. Popular Entertainer & Comedian Phil Butler was no longer with us. His Death news is circulating all over the internet and thousands of people pray for the Peace of his soul. We will learn more about His Death later in the article.

Phil Butler, Comedian Died

Who is Phil Butler?

Phil Butler is famous for being a  magician, actor, stage artist & most popularly a Comedian. He was a great comedian of the UK’s comedy clubs. He had traveled around the world for providing entertainment. Moreover, he had worked with several artists including America’s Got Talent winner Paul Zerdin. He has fans and followers from around the globe.

Phil Twitter account has more than 2k followers and he was also on Instagram with same more than 2k followers. He was also on Facebook with His Name. 

Furthermore, Phil was The Green Room Podcast’s host, and no doubt that his death is a significant loss in the whole entertainment industry. He will always be missed by his thousands of fans and his close friends, relatives, and family. May his departed soul Rest in peace. 

Currently, our Team couldn’t found any details regarding Phil Butler’s dating life. As he never shared anything about his girlfriend on Social media openly. But we were trying our best to get details about his dating life. 

Phil Butler, Comedian Died

One Facebook Fan of phil Wrote:

“Heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹

I was with Phil Butler for the first and last week of the Cromer Summer Show.
As you know Phil was funny, talented, warm, versatile and he was delighted to share the news with me that he has been asked to come back next year and host the show again.
We took this photo for a laugh as I congratulated him on signing for next year.
It seemed to me he was living his best life.
I’m so shocked and heartbroken to have lost my friend Butler. (As I always called him)
To all his family I send my condolences and to all his friends in the business we have lost a real character and funny man.
RIP Phil Butler ❤️‍🩹
Another Wrote:
“I am so sorry to hear Phil Butler has died. I have been in two minds whether to post this. I will take it down if the consensus from his other friends is that it’s mawkish. We hung around together a bit a few summers ago after doing a gig together. Then last month he sent me this text about his birthday which I couldn’t go to. So prophetic, I just wanted to put it here to remind us all to keep in touch and live for the moment a bit more. He was always great fun when I saw him. Very jolly, though sadly I hadn’t seen him for two or three years at least. Poor fella.”
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Phil Butler Death

Phil Butler was a gem in the industry of entertainment. His death was confirmed on October 18, 2021, by Chris Davis Management. The entire entertainment industry and thousands of people were completely shocked when they first hear or read about the Death of Comedian Phil Butler.

Chris Davis Management Wrote:

“It is with huge sadness we have to announce the passing of our friend and client PHIL BUTLER. Our thoughts are with his friends & family. The world is a poorer place without him.”

Thousands of tweets were posted on Twitter within few minutes when Phil Death news was posted on Social media. He was a legendary comedian who is full of positive vibes. 

One Twitter Fan Wrote:

I am so sad and shocked to hear the news of Phil Butler. It was an absolute pleasure working with him for so many years alongside my CSE family! Sending lots of love to all his family & friends x

All his family, fans & relatives were facing a difficult time when Phil is no more with them. RIP Phil Butler, you will be always missed by our Team. 


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