William Lorance is another common term on social media nowadays. A person named William Lorance was convicted in 2000 on murder and homicide charges has recently come on social media. Here we will find out more about the guy.

Who is William Lorance?

After serving 22 years in jail William Lorance has been released from prison. His news starting become viral on Social media when his daughter Justine shared a picture of his father on her social media handle.

On Instagram, Justine Wrote:

“One of the phone conversations my dad and I had before he got out was what foods and drinks he really wanted to eat.
Since we had an 8 hour drive from Vacaville CA to Temecula CA he knew we would be stopping for food along the way. He politely asked me if, rather than eating fast food, we could stop at a store and grab fruit, veggies, and of course an avocado 🥑 . Those were the things he really wanted ☺️
Now I’m not going to lie and say that we NEVER got a hamburger and a milk shake.😆 But I thought it was very interesting that what I assumed he would want was the opposite of what he actually was interested in eating.”

Back in 2000, William Lorance was sentenced to 25 years in jail for committing murder and homicide. Sources revealed that He was living with his mother and step-father for about a week in the 22700 block of Islamare Lane in Lake Forest after having a domestic fight with his wife.

According to police, he and his stepdad confronted each other after the parents asked him to move out. Later on, he planned to kill both of his parents.

He broke into the house through a second-story window carrying a pickaxe and a hammer from an Irvine construction site where he worked. His attorney made sure he would not be charged with first-degree murder, and the defendant did mention that his actions were the result of heartbreak, alcohol abuse, and despondency. Thus, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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Killed Stepfather In California With Pickaxe

William Lorance was arrested for the charge of murdering his stepfather with a pickaxe in California in his home. He was 33 years old when he committed the crime. You cant imagine how his mentality was when he did this crime. He was sentenced to prison when he was 34 years old. His daughter was 5 years old when he went to jail. After 22 years, he was found suitable for parole and was approved by authorities to get released.

After that, his daughter shares family photos on Social media. On one Instagram post, she wrote:

” I would lose track of when my Dad would get out of Prison. When I was in high school and friends would ask me when he would get out of prison I would say “When I’m thirty or something…I’ll be married and have kids I think””


She expressed her joy in meeting her father for the first time in 22 years. She is now a dance fitness instructor and social media influencer.  

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