The cast of the 50 Dates, whose name is David Suapaia has passed away. It is heartbreaking news for all of his known and fans.  They are in shock as of now, because it is a big loss to the family. In his he has worked in several movies and shows, most of the time he used to be recognized for being the cast of the 50 First Dates.  One more role he is recognized for, he portrayed Stacy’s husband in Adam Sandler’s blockbuster film 50 First Dates. Let’s find out more about him through this post we will discover more.

David Suapaia Death

More than thousands of fans are paying him tribute, we can see the wave of condolence. His pics are being posted along with emotional captions.  His family members are feeling blue, it is the hardest time for all of them. People are seeking David Suapaia’s obituary, his death news is the headline of the news.

He was also famous as Big Dave, who was touted as a man of God.  Talking about his personal life then he was a great father, brother, son, and uncle. He was pretty active on social media sites, where he used to share his latest updates with his fans, you can visit his profile for more latest updates about him. He was a big fan of singing and dancing.

who was David Suapaia?

Often he used to be appreciated for his efforts and actions.  At the time of his death, he was around 65  to 75 years old, his exact date of birth is not known yet.  After his death, the GoFundme page was also raised by Greagrey Waldrop and Schelle Waldrop. The amount which is collected via GoFundMe will be given to the family for the crimination. He was professionally an actor who has worked in a few films, he was having a decent fan following. Before his death, he played the last role of Chief Atua on a TV Series documentary called 1000 ways to Die.

Moving forward hid personal life then he was a married personality. His wife’s name is Denise, who has passed away in the year 2015. He was survived by his son, the rest of his family members are heartbroken, being an actor, he was earning a huge amount of money, his estimated net worth is in millions. His family background is not disclosed yet. We will be right back with the new post very soon on the same post with the new viral topic.

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