Linda Frickey is getting viral when her video was leaked on Twitter. As soon as it was published on Twitter within the short span it went viral, tons of users are circulating the video. The interest of the people is continuously increasing with time. That is why they are sharing the video on social media sites. Unfortunately, she was killed by four thieves while carjacking. The video was captured on the CCTV camera and it is grabbing the eyes of plenty of people.

Linda Frickey Video

Linda Frickey’s video is being circulated on social media, her family even said to authorities to post the disturbing video on Twitter. If you want to watch the video then you can watch the video on Twitter. CCTV footage is available, in which we can see that 4 thieves come around her car and later they hijacked the car, she was 73 years old at the time of her death. She was killed by thieves, as soon as his knowns came to know about her death news. They started to mourn and her death news is getting viral.

Linda Frickey Video

Therefore she is hitting the headline of the news. Her loved ones are feeling blue and they are paying her condolence on social media sites we can see the flood of condolence on Twitter and other kinds of platforms. She was enjoying her life with her grandchildren, she is heartbroken, we can understand their situation. We should respect their privacy and give them some private time so that they can feel a little better.

who was Linda Frickey?

As far as we know Linda Frickey died on Sunday in the brutal attempted robbery of the four teenagers. You will be glad to know then all of the accused or culprits have been arrested. They are in the custody of the police, as per the statement of the Orleans Police Departments (NOPD) has announced that all four teenagers are set to be arrested.

She was a retired lady who was ready to spend a good time with her grandchildren. Many of the netizens are reacting to the video and they are raising lots of questions these days. One of the major questions is why such crimes are happening and the number is rising over time. Do you want to get more updates around the world then do follow our page we will let you know viral updates with the new post?

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