Well-known Social media couple Drue And Gabe Basham recently faced accusations of racism after posted on Social media. 

Popular YouTuber and vlogger Drue And Gabe were recently in the social media limelight after some racist comment was revealed on their part. The racist comment done by the Drue is circulating all over the social media and making them trending.

There is a negative impact on the couple’s image in the public domain following the revelation of the comment. We will share more about the same due to which the whole controversy has emerged. 

Drue And Gabe Basham

Who are Drue And Gabe?

Drue And Gabe is a couple well known for their youtube videos. The couple is quite popular on social media platforms. You can find many of their followers on each social networking site.

The couple posts their life events on youtube to entertain their followers. You can find multiple of these kinds of videos clip on their platforms. As per the reports, Gabe proposed the Drue at the age when he was just 19 years old.

Gabe Basham and Drue were recently again in the news headlines after they were accused of racism. The accusation came from the racist comments which came to the notice after a person highlighted them.

Drue And Gabe Basham

You can find their youtube channel with the name D & G’s vlogs. At present around 51.8k subscribers are there. Each of their videos crosses thousands of views and lots of comments from the viewers. 

Drue And Gabe Racist

Drue And Gabe get into trouble for their Facebook post. The post was claimed to be racist. That is why the couple is getting so much attention these days. Many are calling them racist with a bad mindset. The anger towards the same can be seen through the critical messages. 

Chelsey McDonald wrote “I used to watch Drue & Gabe DAILY on TikTok. This has now surfaced and I’m so disgusted to know I followed someone and their family like this… absolutely DISGUSTING.”

As of now, there is no response from the couple’s side in this regard. They have not explained or given any statement on the viral trend calling them racist. We will keep you updated with further news on this. 

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