Another Shocking and heartbroken news is just caught by our Deathmilitia team. Social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook are fully flooded with RIP messages and shocking reactions of Ducky P Fans on his Death News. Ducky P Death news is spreading everything on the internet among people. all fans and supporters of Flordia rapper Ducky P were totally shocked by this incident. Be on the blog to know the complete story of Flordia rapper Ducky P who was killed in Dallas.

Ducky P

Who was Ducky P?, Wiki

Ducky P popularly known as Bornpaid Ducky P was a famous rapper of Florida. He has millions of fans who love his rap songs and his singing style. He is originally from Dallas, Texas. Various social media sources claim that he was shot and killed in his hometown.

With more than 15,000 followers, his Instagram bio describes him as “DemonWithGlasses. BornpaidCeo. Pond Digger.”

He gains his popularity from his youtube song video ” No Matter What I Do and Burry Me.”

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At this moment, his official YouTube channel has over 164,000 subscribers.  is most recent video was uploaded three weeks ago. The song titled Lookin features him and fellow rapper, Bp Trouble.

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One Twitter user wrote “Popular Dallas Rapper Ducky P has reportedly been shot an killed today rip”

One user wrote “@bornpaid_duckyp has been reportedly found deseased in his vehicle yesterday. He was pronounced dead on scene by gun shots. Little details are still unraveling. SHOOTER STILL AT LARGE!”

One supporter said “Long Live my brother Ducky P. One of the greatest to ever do it. Pic from the first day met and shot, the others a year later. Hard work pays off he’s proof, I know he was gon make it. When you pressure they gon hate. I feel so hopeless. I love you bro 4E


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Ducky P Killed Shot Dead

Sources and reports have clearly mentioned that the rapper was allegedly shot to death But no official confirmation from his family and close relatives were come yet come in front of us. One day back Ducky P shared a photo of himself on his Instagram account, this really makes a confusing situation for our team that is Ducky P really dead or not. Our team is waiting for some official statement to come out.

Our team keeps working on it and whenever we get anything official then we will let our audience update through this blog post. So be in touch with


One thought on “Who was Ducky P? Shot & Killed in Dallas – Ducky P Dead, Age, Songs, Obituary, Net Worth, Cause of Death”
  1. *Fact Check*

    Ducky P WAS NOT killed in Dallas. He was killed in Lancaster which is a city just south of Dallas.

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