Miki Theodorakis left this world at the age of 96 years in Athens on 2 September 2021. Greek music society was shocked when they heard about the news of George Theodorakis‘s father’s death. The film “Zorba the Greek” helped to recognized him beyond the boundary of the Greek. During the time of World War 2, Mikis was an active member of the Communist Youth group who struggles against fascist occupation forces in Greece. The rod of prison also started composing music along with George’s father when he was kept behind the bars of a prison. 

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Miki Theodorakis Death

Mikis Theodorakis’s career in politics was remarkable. Mikis depicted the lifestyle of the plight of workers and oppressed peoples in his famous poem named anthems of wartime resistance and socialism. The Greek music composer was passed away at the age of 96 years on early Thursday. no one knows the reason behind the cause of Mikis’s death. the death of George was shocking news to all of us. Many of the time he fought for society raising the issues and the police arrested him and put him in prison. He will always be remembered for everything he had done for society. 

Miki Theodorakis


Political Authorities kept three days mourning session in the country. Around 11 million people gathered on Mikis Theodorakis’s death. George was proud of his father because the world recognise him legend greek music composer. His Fan following started a heartwarming message on social media handles. The family kept a basket of flowers on Miki’s memorial. All family members including Margarita Theodorakis are shedding tears after tears in the beautiful memories of him. 

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One sad on facebook “Miki Theodorakis died today… Today the sun came up. Today the wind is blowing. Today birds are flying. Today Miki Theodorakis died… I tremble at the banality of today. I am crying at the inadequacy of my words. I…I…don’t know how to speak, how…to express my gratefulness to the seismic gift and grace of someone’s existence – and the sorrow of the loss to our humanity. He did… He always did! He always could. And the banality of my own existence was always…less, because of his music… He was not a mere national treasure to the Greek people.

He was a treasure to humanity. To humanism. Because, when our ideals fail us, when we fail our ideals; when “the road is dark” and words are not enough to describe our powerlessness when all we have left is a simple aspiration for a simple embrace, it is merely enough to lay next to each other, and hold each other’s hand. He…” simply,” wrote the thunderous soundtrack of those moments. I was alive while Miki Theodorakis lived! I became alive in oh-so-many ways because Miki Theodorakis lived! Banality is damned today…”

Who is George  Theodorakis?

When the world talks about great greek music composers and political activities, we always heard about Mikis Theodorakis at the top to the bottom line. A child whose name is George Theodorakis opened the eye to see this colorful world on January 1, 1960, in a leap of Miki’s wife. At the age of 35, Miki Theodorakis called himself a father. “The Ballad of Mauthausen ” was composed by George’s father. His contribution to greek music was incredible. when we throw the light on George’s biography we found an Original Studio Recordings whose name was The Rules of the Game. His personal information is still behind the curtains. We will let you know when we have enough information about George. 

Net Worth

George’s father Miki Theodoraki’s net worth was appx $ USD 3 million and the source of his income was songwriting, film score composting, and others.  

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