A Twitter user goes with the name Dui guy is trending on the internet following its tweet on the johnny Depp’s trial. The tweet goes viral shortly after it was the first uploaded and got huge popularity. The same got thousands of likes and retweets from the users. Due to the same, people started searching about Dui guy to know about his tweet on google. The recent increasing searches about the guy are the proof. If you wanted to explore everything about him then continue your reading with us.

Who is ‘the Dui guy’ On Twitter?

DUI Guy is a famous trial attorney, whose exact name is Larry Forman. He is a renowned lawyer specializing in car accidents, wrongful death, and felony laws. His latest tweet focuses on the case involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Whether you’re a fan of his work or just want to know more, you can follow him on Twitter. The Twitter account of the DUI Guy also includes his videos, so you can watch them at your leisure.


The DUI Guy is Larry Forman, who also has a YouTube channel. He regularly shares videos regarding recent deaths, trial news, and appreciable proof. His threads are usually very informative and feature trending messages from celebrities. You can even follow. The DUI Guy has over 65k followers on Twitter and shares a YouTube channel that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The DUI Guy wrote in his recent tweet “When Johnny says that Whitney had wine thrown in her face, she gets a note passed to her by the woman sitting next to her from that firm I mentioned earlier”

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His YouTube channel, meanwhile, contains videos of recent murders and other important evidence. He also shares updates on his own trial and updates from crucial witnesses.


Dui guy Twitter Viral

The DUI Guy Aka Larry Forman recently became a center of attraction following a tweet on johnny Depp’s trial. Due to this he came into the media limelight and started trending.

People started knowing about him by searching online. Above we have provided you with enough details about his personal and professional life. 

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