Recently our team just encountered strange messages trending past hours.  the messages being shared on a wide-scale through social media platforms contain the warning to parents to keep their children safe from “evil Santa”. According to the messages the evil Santa came on the youtube kids’ screen and ordered them to stab themselves to receive presents. Keep reading to discover more about the matter further in this article.

Evil Santa Youtube Kids

In the most spread messages, a message from Les Lenn Oxx is included which depicts the same lining. In her post, she seems spreading awareness among parents of small children who use youtube kids. She said in post her son William who is just 5 walked in and claims to stab himself as the evil Santa told him to do to receive gifts. She further added Santa ordered him to kill as much as possible to get lots of presents.

When we searched for more information about the same we found nothing new. Also, the Evil Santa Youtube kids video is not recorded or screenshot by anyone. Our team is regularly checking for further updates in the story. Very soon we will back with more facts to clarify the confusion.

One Facebook user said I’d be willing to accept it as a Christmas movie if the bad guy was like an evil Santa or something, but yeah, without the holiday spirit aspect it’s just another bog-standard over-hyped action movie masquerading as a holiday movie.”

Evil Santa Youtube 2021

We noticed so many parents are afraid of the recent messages. As of now, no proper information about the claims came out in the public domain. Whether this is just imagination or something else will be cleared very soon. We are waiting for more leads to draw out any conclusion on Evil Santa youtube 2021. 

Jt McGrath wrote “@Wipz can you talk to youtube about the evil Santa that’s on youtube kids its a video that just comes up and tells kids to put a knife in their stomach in order to get more presents…thanks man”

Here is what the viral message claims:

“Just a heads up for anyone with YouTube kids.
William who is 5! Just walked in and said that he’s going to put a knife in his stomach and kill himself because evil Santa told him too and it’s the only way he will get presents.
Then said he told him he can’t tell his mummy or daddy and that he should get a knife and the more people he kills the more presents he will get.
I honestly don’t know what else he has seen or heard.
This is YouTube KIDs btw. I pay extra each month for parental control.
I asked him to show me ‘evil Santa’ he said oh you can’t find him mummy he finds you and gives you tasks and if you don’t complete them he will come to get you in your sleep.
Feel sick to the pit of my stomach, luckily he knew to come and tell me. But I dread to think if he didn’t.
Again this is YouTube kids WITH parental control.
I’ll be reporting this to school and anyone else I need to.
Some sick sick people out there.”




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