Recently a huge wave of social media searches came into trend when a new Twitter account with the username _february23 Twitter is getting hype. Although the reason behind such popularity on Twitter is quite clear and we will uncover the truth behind this Twitter profile later in this article, so be with to know more about it.

who is _february23 on twitter?

A viral video of some kind of stabbing is getting viral on the internet and that video is been posted on a Twitter account with the name _february 23. The information and the exact reason behind the sudden popularity of the Twitter account is quite blurry and but our team is doing their best to collect the information as more as possible.

@__february23 is a Twitter account with around 2k followers right now. Although this is a personal account it looks like something unexpected happen. Some news sources were claiming that there is a stabbing video of a younger is getting viral and it looks like a model name ximena saenz is linked with this video.

stabbed on live video

february 23 stabbed on live

According to the sources, A Baton Rouge girl died on a Facebook live by stabbing herself. The video is getting viral on almost every social media, especially on Twitter. and it seems that _february23 Twitter account is the one where the video is posted. As the videos contain unsafe content that’s why it has been removed from the social media but some Twitter account posted the video on their profile and that’s why they have been on trend now.

The man stabbed a woman on live facebook and that video is the reason behind every Twitter account that is trending now. Although because of social media policies, the video is not suitable for uploading thats why we advise our readers to keep your eyesballs away from that video. we already tell you the story behind the video, we will update you if we found any other update on this. 

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