Hello, Friends. Writing is a skill that is often neglected because it is much more attractive to learn to speak than to write in English. However, if you are going to take an exam or use English at work, it is absolutely necessary to develop the skill of writing.


So how can you learn to write correctly in a foreign language without making mistakes in a relatively short period of time? In fact, Bidforwriting says that it is not that hard; you just need to remember how you learned to write in your native language at school.


Try to use simple vocabulary constructions. Many beginners immediately try to make complex grammatical constructions, trying to put complex tenses into practice, and as a result, make terrible mistakes. In the beginning, you should only say what you can (simple phrases), not what you would like to say (complex phrases).


Remember that English is quite different from your native language in word order, the use of special tenses and various prepositions. Very often, learners unconsciously build phrases according to the rules of your native language and think that they have the correct text construction. Constantly compare the order of words in a sentence, it will help you faster to consolidate the necessary skills of literate writing.


Tips to help you learn to write correctly


Read as much as you can

Reading is one of the most important activities that is often neglected. And by the way in the process of reading, you see how “works” in practice all the same grammar, write and combine words, etc. That is, in the process of reading you are immersed in English, remembering how sentences are constructed, grammatical structures, and words you do not know, and as a result “transfer” this experience into your own written speech.


Increase your vocabulary

The bigger your vocabulary, the more accurately and beautifully you can express your thoughts. Try to constantly learn new words and expressions and use them in writing right away.


Find yourself a test-taker

If you’re learning English with a teacher, he or she will teach you how to do different types of writing, will check your work, and will help you get rid of mistakes. But if you are learning English on your own, the only way to check yourself is to use special services for checking texts for mistakes. But note that the machine checker looks for only the grossest errors, it will not check the logic of your thoughts.


Learn how to spell words

In order to spell words correctly, it is very important to know not only how to spell a word, but also how it changes. So you must know, the rules of adding endings: s/-es, -ing, -ed, -er, -est, etc.


Write dictations

Dictation is another way to practice all your English language skills. Dictation text is quite memorable, which means you can later use useful clichés to write your own letters and texts.


Proofread and edit what you’ve written

Even if you’re studying English with a teacher, you should definitely do some self-checking. Edit your text, and try to find and correct mistakes without anyone else’s help. To make it easier to find mistakes, try the following trick: read the text from the end, one sentence at a time. This way you look at your creation with fresh eyes and it will be easier for you to find inaccuracies.


Write by hand, not by computer.

When you write by hand you remember what you’re writing better. Plus, the computer itself corrects your mistakes. Sometimes a person does not even pay attention to the error, but simply presses “correct”, that is, he does not have the opportunity to analyze his mistakes and remember the correct spelling.


How to learn to write in English?

As you can see, all the tips on how to learn to write in English are very simple, and the techniques described are available to everyone. Just practice, work on your mistakes, and your writing will get better.



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