Recently a new name of FTN Bae goes viral on Social media in case of sexual abuse allegations. The news has become viral on the whole internet especially on Social Media. The famous American rapper, dancer, and social media celebrity Ftn Bae has been in the media spotlight when she was accused of sexually abusing her 5-year-old son. We will learn more about the matter in detail further in the article.

Who is Ftn Bae?

Famous music celebrity Ftn Bae has recently gone viral on Social media when she was involved in the sexual allegations of abusing her 5-year-old son. 26 years old ftn bae has more than 550k followers on her Instagram account. She started her career 3 years ago. Born in Chestertown, Maryland, whereas raised in Florida, USA. FTN’s real name has not been revealed to the media. She started her music career in  South Florida. However, bae is not working with any professional Singing group but she really made beautiful music that win the hearts of the public.

The famous independent musical artist released two projects on June 18, 2021, named BAE and FTN. They are both different vibes that show both sides of FTN’s talent. Her new project ‘GEMINI’ combines her two musical personalities, one energetic and tough vibe whereas, the other one is the sweet and sexy side with a nice R&B flow.

Talking about her name, FTN stands for “forget the negativity.” Previously she went by the name Curly Red and rebranded herself in January 2021 to be taken more seriously in the music industry and steer away from the previous image built like a stripper. Bae describes herself as a hopeless romantic and wants to be in love.


Ftn Bae Son Wesley

Ftn bae has a young son named Wesley. He was only 5 years old. FTN initially shared a post with the caption, “I’m not okay,” but later uploaded an audio clip where she and her son talk about what allegedly happened to him. Wesley is heard crying reliving the trauma of sexual abuse.

A user wrote on Twitter:

“Singer FTN Bae releases audio of her 5-year-old son saying he was penetrated by her ex, rapper Big Doodie Lo aka David”

Recently ftn Bae has posted on her Instagram account revealing that her Ex otf doodielo lo has sexually abused her son. In the long caption of her instagram account she wrote:


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OTF Doodie Lo Sexual Allegations

Famous musician OTF Doodie Lo has been recent goes viral when her Ex FTN Bae uploads her 5-year-old son voice on her Instagram account. This is really Shockful news for most OTF Doodie Lo fans as he has more than 200k followers on his Instagram account. He is a popular and famous American Musical personality and no doubt that this news will seriously impact his image in the media. 


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