The Onlyfan star, Tori Lynn just unfolds her secret conversation with NFL champion DK Metcalf. She shared how DK reached her to convince for ‘foursome.’ On Snapchat she make all these claims through a video. Just after her comments, the internet took by storm. Everywhere on the internet now talking about the allegation made by the Onlyfan content creator. We will share a bit more about her in the blog.

Tori Lynn, Onlyfans Star

Who Is Tori Lynn?

Tori Lynn is a content creator on the subscription-based video and photos sharing platform Onlyf. She is a model on the platform for a long time now and has a large number of subscribers based on the same. Tori was trending past hour after she disclosed NFL champion slurry conversation with the public. We will discuss more the same in the next para so keep reading.


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Allegations On DK Metcalf

Tori Lynn big disclosure on the DK Metcalf attracts a lot of reactions on social media spaces. She said DK has touched a new low by showing the content of his mind. She further added how he called her at 1:00 am to come over to Seattle near his home for a ‘foursome’. But she wasn’t aware with what intention Dk was calling her. To give a stringent base to her claims, Tori Lynn attaches the chat screenshot having with him on the day.


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So far the  National Football League winner has not passed any comment on the same. He has still maintained the silence even after the allegation took ground. We are still waiting for further confirmation on the matter. It is still a one-sided claim. Once DK unveils his part of the truth we will get more clarity over the issue.

Social Media Reaction

Social media spaces like Twitter Facebook are shaken out with shocking claims against a popular football player. We will keep you updated with every new lead that came across our path.



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