We are saddened to announce the shocking passing of young beautiful soul Gabriella Tostenson. She was  Associate Tax Analyst II at a private company. Her death news broke out recently on social media platforms. Her untimely demise was caused due to a horrific accident. That sustains serious injuries to her.

Later on, she was admitted to the hospital but that could not save her life. Now she has become a matter of talk everywhere on social media. People are talking about her and sharing their condolences. Our team also extends tribute to her. 


Who was Gabriella Zoe Tostenson ?

Gabriella Tostenson, a 30-year-old woman from San Antonio, Texas, was an Associate Tax Analyst II for Ernst & Young.  She is in an active relationship with a guy name Kevin Milam. He shared an emotional message about her passing on Facebook. 

After reading her obituary in the newspaper, Gabriella Tostenson made headlines again. She was a Texas A&M University graduate with honors in economics, a minor in business, and a master’s degree in financial econometrics. Gabi was a talented, beautiful, and bold young woman. She loved her job as an economic research assistant and aspired to be a professional economist. For more details, you can head to her Linkedin profile page. 

Gabriella Tostenson is dead

Her family and friends are in a state of shock. It has not been disclosed how she died, but there is no official cause.

Although some of the rumors circulating around confirmed a tragic accident behind the death. Her death was tragic, her death has left her family and friends heartbroken. The family is grieving her loss.

Gabi Tostenson’s parents are still unknown. Although she showed photos of them on her Facebook page, she rarely talked about her parents or her relationship with her father, Kevin Milam. Sadly, the young woman dated Kevin Milam, with who she shared many pictures.


They appeared to have a lot of fun together, as they attended various concerts together. She did not talk much about her parents until she died. In fact, Gabi Tostenson shared a few photos of them with her boyfriend, Kevin Milam.

Gabriella Tostenson Obituary 

A friend of Gabi Tostenson posted a tribute on social media about her beloved friend. Gabi Tostenson passed away on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The family is devastated by the news and is sharing tributes on social media. Gabi Tostenson was a beloved daughter, sister, and friend. She will be missed.

You can pay your respects to Gabi and her family on their Facebook page. The world will miss you forever Gabriella. Kevin Milam commented on her love passing “This is a post I NEVER envisioned myself posting…but on Saturday, May 14th, 2022 around 1:15 am, my love of five years lost her life from injuries sustained by a car accident the day before. Gabi was truly the most beautiful person I’ve ever met inside and out and excelled in life in everything she did. ” 

According to Amy Keesee Nelson, Gabriella Zoe Tostenson’s Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 12:00 pm- Condolences visit at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

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