A well-known anesthesiologist, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is recently in the news after he got arrested for raping a pregnant woman. The woman was a patient with Giovanni and came there for her treatment purpose. A video of the incident was recorded by a person present at the moment. The leaked video which is the biggest proof of the crime of the anesthesiologist is circulating like a wildfire on social media platforms.

You can find the video clip on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We will share more about the same in the article. 

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is a popular anesthesiologist who is around 32 years old. He completed his grudation in medicine from Centro Universitário de Volta Redonda.

From an early age in life, he decided to become a successful doctor. and he achieved the same with his hard work but recently he was caught doing something horrific that really shocked everyone.

His activity recorded in the video clip really raises many questions in the mind of the people. 

Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Twitter

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra twitter video 

A video is getting so much attention these days on the internet. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Twitter video has already been seen thousands of times and still gaining so much reaction from the public.

The rape video of the patient by doctor Giovanni has really shocked the entire internet. People are talking about it everywhere on the internet.

They are demanding the strictest punishment for the person. 

“brazil – Rio de Janeiro Anaesthetist arrested after raping a pregnant woman. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, the anaesthesiologist arrested in the act for raping a pregnant woman during a cesarean section, was taken to Benfica prison in Rio’s North Zone on 11/07/2022.”

anestesiologo brasil video twitter

The viral clip of anestesiologo brasil video twitter has caused thousands in complete shock. The person who was present at the moment recorded the scene and was quick to share it on the internet. You can find the video on Twitter where it first originated.

For your kind information, Giovanni Quintella has already been arrested on multiple charges. The crime he committed ashamed the entire internet.

Although the punishment is yet to be notified. We will keep you updated with further news in this regard. 

“delivery, during delivery and in the immediate postpartum period?

It is unacceptable how this sexist and misogynist society violates women every day. The most recent reports are that the anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, arrested in the act for the rape of a pregnant woman,” said Vereadora Iara Bernardi on twitter. 


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