Heartbreaking news of Irene Spantopanagos death has just been confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. She was an American journalist and a delighted mother of an 11/2-year-old daughter, Alessia.

Her sudden passing shattered so many hearts including her family, friends, and colleagues. Our team extends deepest condolences to them for the great loss. We also urge our users to keep family members in your prayers. 

Ahead you will learn irene spantopanagos Death, Obituary Details, Gofundme page, etc.  

Irene Spantopanagos

Who is Irene Spantopanagos?

Irene spantopanagos was an American journalist by profession. She was married and blessed with a cute daughter named Alessia. Not much about Irene is known in the public domain. Her age, net worth, husband, are yet to be published on our platform. She did not have any Wikipedia page. Also, there are no details on her social media accounts. In the case, you want here is her official Facebook handle. She has around 142 friends on the same. 

Irene was making news headlines after her untimely demise reports circulated all over the social networking sites. A lot of people mourn her passing and pray for her 11/2-year-old daughter. 

Irene Spantopanagos

Irene Spantopanagos Death

As of now, there is no official data clarifying the cause of her death. There are some rumors circulating around claiming her shot dead. But whether this is true or not remains unclear.

Our team is working hard to collect more trusted leads. And will update you when got some. Marianna Spantopanagos wrote”In loving memory of our beautiful cousin, Irene Spantopanagos. Her life was cut tragically short on March 12th, 2022. May her memory be eternal and may she rest in peace. “

The source confirms that Irene Spantopanagos Died on March 12, 2022. It was claimed that she has reported on the current situation of Russia and Ukraine. 

Irene Spantopanagos Cause of Death

There is no official source sharing Irene Spantopanagos Obituary to the date. The family members and relatives have still maintained their silence over the same.

To provide members financial support after the loss of Irene Areti Vlachos has organized a Gofundme page. In the description section he wrote “On the evening of March 12, 2022, Irene was tragically taken from us. She leaves behind her 1 1/2-year-old daughter, Alessia. This fund is being created to offset medical and funeral costs and for the immediate care for Alessia. 
Irene’s pure heart and personality touched all who were fortunate enough to know her.”

Out of the stipulated goal of $20000, it has already collected $18,229. One reacted hearing the demise news “Frank and I are sending the family love and prayers during this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss.”

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