As we know Churches have been playing a vital role among us, there are tons of people who go to church often. But in the year 2013, a crime has shocked lots of people, even a whole community. It was a murder case, which is rising over time, there are tons of people who are looking for more details related to this. Do you want to know what is the Jerrick Jackson murder case and is it is the headline of the news these days? Let’s find out all this via this post.

Jerrick Jackson Murder Case

It was the murder of a member of the Mega ministry dynasty in the affluent neighborhood of Riverside that sent this shockwave across the city and far beyond. As far as we know the case was started with the call on 911 at midnight on May 7, 2013. Through the call, it was reported that some shots are fired at the residence of Jerrick Jackson, who was 47 years old. This incident took place in the influential neighborhood of Riverside.

Jerrick Jackson Death

Jerrick Jackson was shot in the Torsa area, and there were multiple shots.  As per Richard Randolph, who is a former gang investigator and Fulton Country DA. He has told the Real Murder of Atlanta, which was airing at 8/7 on oxygen. Do you know who was Jerrick Jackson? If you do not know, we will let you identify him. He was one of the young men, who was the younger brother of megachurch pastor Wiley Jackson,  after the incident he was rushed to the hospital.

Jerrick Jackson Wikipedia

Talking about his personal life, then  Jerrick was a married person, who had a wife, his fiance name’s is Kimberly Little. She was along with him at the time of the incident he returned home in his Porsche. She was interrogated by the police, later she had told to police that. Both of them were being followed in the vehicle they were robbed by them at gunpoint of the valuables they had at that time. The couple has a daughter, who was upstairs, she is 18 years old, named Anbiya Mitchell.

When invaders were trying to reach her and go upstairs, Jerrick blocked their way and tried to stop them that is why he was shot. All of the invaders were masked, they were four black men between the age of 18 to 24 in hoodies. When Jerrick was admitted to the hospital he was declared dead.  His death news spread in the whole of Atlanta as soon as possible because the family was pretty popular. Jerrick’s older brother, whose name is Wiley Jackson, was the founder of Gospel Tabernacle Church.

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