The death rumors of famous YouTuber Ishowspeed were surfacing on the internet these days. According to the messages shared all around on the internet, he has died due to a gunshot which is baseless. So far there is no official report or information from an authentic source that confirmed the news. If you also came across these types of rumors with no source, then don’t believe or share them with others. Keep reading to know more about the streamer like Ishowspeed Dead or Alive, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Real Name,  Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Who is Ishowspeed?

Ishowspeed is 16 years old famous YouTuber and streamer. He has around 2.55 million subscribers on his youtube channel at the press time.  He posts games videos on his channel and within a short span, he enhanced his subscriber many folds.  His real name is Darren Watkins. also you can find him on Instagram with around 700k followers. He is active on Twitter with 141 k followers.

Information like a girlfriend, net worth is not known to us at the moment. But we will update you about these details very soon.


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Darren achieved so much at the age of 16 which is the dream of many. His consistent and never-giving-up approach brought so much success in his life. 



Ishowspeed Dead or Alive?

Ishowspeed Aka Darren Watkins’s death is not confirmed from any authentic source. So we can believe all the death notices spreading on the internet are fake without any reliability. If in the future we get any further updates we will share them with you. The death hoax took momentum when some local media groups on youtube also covers the same.


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Did speed break his Neck?

There are reports claims that Ishowspeed has broken his neck unexpectedly. The incident took place when he was playing basketball with his friends. The video of which is available on youtube.

It was claimed that when he jump to a nearby trampoline, it hit his neck hard, due to which serious fracture in the neck is possible. We do not have more information related to the same yet. Ishowspeed also did not share any update on his neck accident. 


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