WATCH: JD Video Filtrado Pack Of Juan De Dios Pantoja Video Leaked Viral on Twitter And Reddit: Recently the popular singer and internet personality Juan de Dios Pantoja was making news headlines after some inappropriate video of him went viral. The clip was uploaded on a social handle which further circulated to other networking sites like a wildfire. As a Mexican singer has a massive fan following, his recent leaked videos and photos shocked them. We will further share more details about the same in this blog. 

Jd video filtrado

Jd Filtrado is a Mexican singer and social media star with millions of fan following on the internet. His complete name is Juan de Dios Pantoja. You can find him on major social media platforms like Instagram where around 21 million people follow him. You can also find him on Youtube with whooping 19.8M subscribers.

He started his Youtube career back on June 9, 2014, and achieved so much in a short span with his unbeatable spirit and dedication. Some sources confirmed that Juan de is around 26 years at the present moment. His first video ’50 COSAS SOBRE MI on March 26, 2016, got public love and support on a huge scale. which further pushes him to make more. 

Jd pantoja vídeo filtrado

Recently the leaked Jd video filtrado circulated all over the social media platforms creating buzz. The video contains inappropriate material so we can’t share the same on the platform. Also, you find the video deleted from the major social networking sites in compliance with the regulations.

The origin of the video remains unidentified at the moment. So we cannot confirm who is behind the same. As of now, he has not commented anything on the leaked clips and jd pantoja fotos. We are consistently looking for further details to come out in the context. We will inform you with each update so kindly follow our website 


The leaked intimate photos and videos have really made the Mexican star in trouble. There are several critical posts from social media users. The material is seen thousands of times and got hundreds of reactions from the people.

They are sharing shocking reactions to seeing their star behind the intimating material. One wrote on Twitter “That you start making a joke to the OLDER CUTE I’m bad but she owes you a lot I’m from both fandoms but we want to see that great video or you can do #laroscalocaparte3 greetings from Colombia I love you @juandediospantoja”


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