Chia Min Yong has gone viral these days after she was kidnaped by some people. The family of Chia Min Yong had been contacted by a group of Syndicate and their asking for a huge amount of money as ransom. The Syndicate group is claiming that they have kidnapped Chia Min Yong and she is under their control.

Who is Chia Min Yong?

This news is getting viral day by day as many people are showing more interest to know about this news which is why they are searching on the Internet.  Netizens are bent on scrolling the web pages. Some also searched about her on the social media sites that who was she and many news websites are covering this news. If you are also one of them who long to know about this trending news then you should keep on reading this post. We will let you know everything related to her.

As far as the last time she was seen was two weeks ago in Setapak and it has been two weeks since she was reported missing. And police officers are searching for her, the investigation is going on but so far no clue has been found related to her. They are trying to put every single effort to find her but nothing came out.

Chia Min Yong Missing

After that, an anonymous call was made which led the family to think more about this matter. The call was received by Chia Min Yong’s family and the call was from kidnappers who made her Hostage their asked for money the kidnappers said she is at the golden triangle currently.  On the call kidnapper also told that they are supposed to exchange her with a syndicate group with money. As far as we know the family has been asked for RM30k as a ransom. But before that family just wants to confirm that really kidnappers have their daughter.

The sister-in-law of Chia Min Yong has asked the kidnappers to make her speak to Chia Min Yong before paying the ransom.  After that, the kidnapper put the condition in front of her that she had to pay an additional amount of money RM10K to speak to her. But Chia Min Yong’s sister was not ready for that as she was thinking that they are scammers.

They are just trying to make capital of their situation. Now it has been more than 2 weeks, and she is still missing, the investigation is going on. The family is worried, we are waiting for the official info, if you find something related to her or if you see her, do inform the authorities.

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