A person named Jeremy Cohen died a tragic death two months ago. The cause of his death was said to be hitting a tram on the crossing. Now in relation to the same Jeremy cohen, Twitter video is getting viral on social media platforms. In the video, one can see before getting hit on the tram he was cruelty beaten by some group of people.

The video is shooted by a man present at the moment from the balcony. We will discuss more the incident so make sure you stay with the article till the end. 

Who was Jeremy cohen?

As per the details available in the public domain, Jeremy cohen was a jew boy was living in France. He was a young man in his late 20s. He was trending on the internet and creating buzz after his death rumors circulated all over the internet. A video is also getting viral showing a man getting beaten badly by a group of men.

Raphaël Nisand said “The horrifying video about this drama (live death) of Jérémy Cohen happened almost 2 months ago in Bobigny. What would this be a case concerning the extreme right as you can read in some newspapers?

In fact, it’s a young Jew who got beaten by a band as seen in the video, and died running away hit by a tram. It’s hard to get justice in France in 2022, Bobigny’s parquet decides to open information on March 29 only.”


The man who got beaten was reported to be Jeremy in the video. The video came out on the internet very late after the incident was recorded.

Although we can’t confirm much about the incident due to a lack of sources at this moment. We will keep you updated with further news. 

Jeremy Cohen Twitter Video

The viral video of Jeremy Cohen Twitter Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit. You can easily find the same on social media platforms.

People are demanding justice for the young man who met a gruesome end. He was beaten cruelly and then to save his life, he ran away from the crown. Due to this, he was hit by a tram while crossing the road as seen in the jeremie cohen video. 

Reports revealed that Jeremy died on the spot because of serious injuries.

His brother has a major role in investigating the matter. And thanks to him that the video was released which clearly shows the incident. Reacting to the video one wrote “RIP to this poor man who died because he was Jewish. Anti-Semitism and racism are two of the most unacceptable feelings of hatred in the world. Condolences to his family who must suffer martyrdom.”


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