You must have heard about the great character of Joe Blackburn from the documentary The House That Can’t Stop Eating. Unfortunately, the Great actor Joe Blackburn is no more with us and some netizens were guessing that Prader-Willi cause his sudden passing. Let’s explore his actual cause of death here.

Joe Blackburn gains fame after featuring in The 2006 film Can’t Stop Eating chronicles the lives of various Prader-Willi Syndrome patients (PWS). It takes place at Gretton House, a nearby Kettering care facility in England backed by the government and designed expressly to assist patients with PWS. Massive false rumors and confusion were trending up on the internet related to Joe Blackburn’s cause of death. As people were spreading the news that Joe Blackburn died of Prader-Willi syndrome. Although the reality is completely different from this.

Joe Blackburn Cause of Death

Demise news of Joe Blackburn has been floating over social media for so long and it seems that the news of Joe’s death has become the hot topic on the internet today. But the unfortunate truth is the founder and president of Crypto Coin, is no more among us. Countless tributes and condolences shares were hit the internet on social media platforms praying for the peace of Joe Blackburn’s soul. Although among thousands of shares and comments, the genuine cause of death is not yet revealed by any.

According to a website “The dead had long-standing, serious health issues, according to the original studies or sources. He was therefore being treated by the medical team in order to give him more breath and good health.”

Joe Blackburn

“Sadly, the treatment that had harmed his internal organs had rendered his health useless. The medical team did everything they could to keep him alive despite all of these factors.”

Prader-Willi caused his death or not?

In the end, the truth is, that our beloved Joe Blackburn died at a very young age. He was also the founder of Crypto Coin Trader. Besides being a young entrepreneur, he was also the host of the Bitcoin Radio podcast, which is accessible on Spotify, Apple, and Google Play. He did very well at his age and achieve a lot of things. For some youngsters, he was an inspiration but our inspiration is now no longer with us.

The information related to his death and cause of death is not revealed openly on the internet and it seems that the news can be false or just a rumor. Here we were not claiming anything about Joe Blackburn’s death as we don’t have any official news claiming the same. This can be also true that Joe Blackburn does not die and all this is just a rumor nothing else because he is a popular guy so people can easily trend up things related to him. That’s why his death news has gone viral on the internet today.

As soon as we get the complete information about the death news Joe Blackburn we will update you here.

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