We are saddened to announce to you the passing of popular Tiktoker and internet sensation Joyce Culla. She was just 24 years at the time of her unexpected demise. It was revealed that she died of a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm. Over the past few hours, her level of consciousness dropped drastically which leads to a coma-like situation. Our team extends our deepest condolences to the family for the great loss. Keep reading to explore more about her life. 

Who was Joyce Culla?

Joyce Culla was a renowned Tiktoker and social media influencer born on March 14, 1998. She has a massive fan following on the world’s popular short video sharing platform Tiktok. Sources confirmed that around 1.6 million people follow her on the platform.

Joyce Culla

Joyee Studied BS Nursing at Southern Luzon State University – HRMO. She joined the same back in 2019 and till then worked hard to entertain her crowd. Her entertaining videos became popular in a short span and received immense love and support. Culla used to upload dance and short comedy clips.

Her video on the song Taki Taki back in 2020 went viral immediately after it was published. Personal information like family and net worth remains undisclosed at the moment.

We will keep you updated with further details. You can visit her Facebook page which is followed by around 50k people. 

Joyce Culla Passed Away

The unexpected news of Joyce Culla Passed Away broke the hearts of thousands of followers. The family and close friends are deeply shocked and left numb by the sudden loss of an integral part of their life. As per the source, she died on 2 April 2022.

Our team shares heartfelt condolence and prays for her family. There are hundreds of tributes and RIP messages outpouring on social media platforms. She will always remain in the hearts of her fan following no matter how far physically.

Greyz Fort reacted “May you rest in peace Joyce Culla. I may not know you personally but simply idolizing you on TikTok really makes me sad and yes i almost cry.”

Cause of Joyce Culla Death

As mentioned earlier she died of a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm. Her brain deteriorates heavily from the past few hours before her death. last night, her level of consciousness dropped again from 7 to 5 which is a favorable condition for a coma.

As of now, family members have not disclosed the obituary details to the public. “Can’t believe I won’t be seeing Joyce Culla on my Tiktok FYP. Really looked up to her coz she was a great dancer. Rest in Paradise Nurse Joyce!” said one. 


Another said “We are all fighting our own silent battles. Since Facebook is the medium for awareness, let us be aware of this that we should not belittle our frequent headaches, our tears, our worries, our stress. Let us assess ourselves by remembering the people we love, the people who need our support. Our Family, our friends. And most of all. Seek GOD! Rest in Peace Ms. Joyce Culla. Tiktokerist/Influencer.”

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