It has been a long time, people have been searching the same topic, but they are searching different keywords Two Cousins Twitter Video. As of now, netizens are searching for Two cousins’ Twitter videos. Yes, you might have watched the video before, there are lots of queries from the people, who are watching the video.

They are bent on searching the video on Twitter, there are more than millions of people who are looking forward to watching Two cousins’ Twitter video. Through this post we are supposed to get every single detail related to them, do you know who were two cousins who were shot in the live Instagram video.

Two cousins Twitter video

The video is being circulated on the internet and tons of users are being interested to know more details. We will cover all the basic info such as what has happened to that and how you can find the video on Twitter. There are two cousins, who were having fun with each other after a long time both of them met and they were enjoying the birthday party. At the time of the incident, they were in the bathroom.  We also found that they were in the live video, which was running. As of now, netizens are going crazy to get more about this. As of now on Twitter, there are lots of Twitter accounts, which have posted the same video.

In the live Instagram video, both of them were playing there was a gun that was real. A girl who was just 12 years old her name was Paris Harvey, she accidentally shoots her cousin’s brother, whose name was Kauron Harvey at the time of his death he was 14 years old.  It has been a matter of discussion after the sudden incident authorities were informed about this as soon as they came to know about this they arrived on the spot.  The investigation is going on, this case has been considered suicide and murder. Both of them are young, the whole family is broken-hearted and they are mourning over the sad demise of their souls.

Two Cousins Twitter Video Viral

Netizens are continuously searching for them and they are reacting over this, we also express our deep condolence to the family may their soul rest in peace. As of now, the family is facing a rough time, tons of people are supporting them. We should also give them some private time so that they can feel a bit better.  She shot her brother and shot herself, we can see in the live Two cousins’ Twitter video.

This clip is being shared on the internet and users are still searching that is why both of the cousins are hitting the headline of the news. On Twitter, we find daily viral videos which are circulating on social media. You can still watch the live Two cousins’ Twitter video on Twitter, Reddit, telegram, and other websites. It is available for the users, for more viral updates keep reading posts on the same page we will be right back with fresh updates.

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