A video is getting viral on the social media platforms of the popular Tiktoker Kelly Bhadie. The 18 years old leaked video can be found on Twitter and Facebook. The video has been circulated like a wildfire in the jungle. In this blog, we will discuss the Tiktoker and the viral videos due to which she is on the fire all over the internet. Make sure you keep reading this blog to not miss anything. 

Kelly Bhadie tape video

Kelly Bhadie is a social media influencer and Tiktok star who is well known for her short videos on the video-sharing platform. At present, she is around 18 years old. She has gained thousands of followers in a very short span. Her one video got viral everywhere which is dancing in a multicolor gown. 

In recent times, her content is shifted toward the adult. You can also feel the same by having a quick look at recently uploaded content. Information related to her personal life remains undisclosed at the moment. So we can’t confirm much in this regard. Bhadie kelly wrote on the Facebook “it’s not about me in this video I don’t know what is the goal of those who have fun wanting to get me dirty”


One of her followers wrote supporting her “we know it’s not you on the video be at peace with yourself that’s all that matters we don’t care about the rest “


A KELLY BHADIE Video is an NSFW clip that is getting so much popularity these after. As per the sources, she has uploaded her own private videos for the sake of popularity. You can find it on Twitter as well as other social platforms. In the new video clip, you can see her with her partner. Many social media users condemned the young girl for making these things public without any shame. You can find a Twitter handle with her name which have published many of her images. And the leaked NSFW video also came into the public domain through it. We cant share the video link here as it contains inappropriate content. 

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